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Guest Wolverine

Richtofen, The Illuminati, and Alien Time Travel

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Guest Wolverine

So we all know our favorite character Richtofen. We all know he was a lab assistant for Ludvig Maxis at Der Reise. And we know he experimented on Samantha behind her father's back. Just know this: Richtofen was/is a cruel, soulless person. He has no emotion for a single human being. He would have his way no matter what. He hated Samantha for the sole fact that Maxis paid too much attention too her and not on his work for Group 935.

Now we also know Richtofen was also in the Illuminati. For those who don't know, the Illuminati is a secret organization that controls the World by the media. Shows, Books, Movies, Video Games. Of course those are all just rumors. But for the theory and storyline, let's say it's true. Now since the Illuminati controls the World, they have infinite money, infinite power, and infinite control over any Man, Woman, Child, or other secret organizations. Where do you think Group 935 got all their resupplies of Elemnt 115? That's right, the Illuminati. Here is a short summary. There are billions of other

Alien worlds out there filled with inhabitants of various shapes, sizes, and powers.

Some "alien like" some human like. Why do you think nobody's ever seen a real Illuminati member. I think members of the Illuminati aren't human at all. They are aliens from our future Earth who've come to control our time on Earth to drastically effect their time on Earth.

So we know in the various maps we have time traveled right? By Element 115 powered teleporters. From a 1960s(supposedly) abandoned theater to a 1960s Russian cosmodrome to a Siberian outpost in the near future. From over

loading the teleporter with 115 there's no telling where you can end up, or what year you'll be in. Aliens have perfected space and time travel.

So how could some 1940s World War II Nazi scientists invent the

teleporter? Alien help. Aliens have been in contact with our race since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Now think about it. If on Earth now, we have 115 powered

Teleporters, Wonder Weapons, and Zombies. Imagine what the distant future's

amount of 115 would be. Now on to time travel.

In the future of course we'll have super advanced technology. Portable teleporters? (ála Gersch) Atomic Cold Cell guns(Ray Gun) Able to re-animate our dead loved ones (115). What if we could we could teleport ourselves to any place in or anywhere in time. Richtofen has done this. He has teleported to the future to mimic the technology of future Earth-lings but in his own timeline. To make him self seem like a genius, a hero, a God.

I will update this thread if I have any more ideas.

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