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Guest Scavs

Timeline paradox and new character ideas

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Guest Scavs

Anyone familiar with time travel understands timeline paradoxes: no travel before machine built(no civ war z's) and time is a straight line that when the time jump happens creates a new path, not only a single dimension but now an alternate dimension exists. Could our story lead up to our heroes going back to when the time machine was first incented but trying to change reality for the better? No zombies, Sam and maxis together, Richtoffen dying of auto-erotic asphyxiation instead of healming the space pyramid spore controller that commands undead hosts to 115 poisoned zomboids? Or what if our heroes just find a way to make 115 inert, thus no time travel, no paradoxes, and no zombies?

Also is Sam going to be playable next time or do we get a new character? I'd love to hear what you think about paradoxes and new characters. Do we get a person who's from the new timeline explaining the new world a' la captain America and the avengers or is it like lost and someone who knows the truth shows up and says we have to go back to der riese?

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Guest Xieon

String theory, and M theory pretty much show that time is not a straight line.

It's possible to go "back in time", but in reality you're just jumping time lines. So yes, you can go back in time, and kill your grandfather, so there will be a world where you're never born, but the you from the other line will still exist.

There are paradoxical events, however, it can't cause an actual paradox, because the only thing that can't happen, is something not being able to happen. Everything imaginable, and everything else, can happen, and does happen, in some universe.

Here's a simple video, you should check out "who lives in the 11th dimension" with Dr. Michu Kaku.


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