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Guest Monopoly Mac

Sammy lived in Verruckt.

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Guest Monopoly Mac

In Kino Der Toten there are a couple of references to Verruckt. The dentist chair... The mannequin... and of course just the fact that both focus on trying to study the mind of the zombies. But one similarity I feel isn't just a little "reference" but an actual hint from Treyarch. The wall design in Samanthas room!

It is a basically a wall with trees and trees and trees. At first I really thought this was reference to Tunguska... Y'know, trees, forest, 115? Yeah probably coincidental so I left it alone. Then a few days later I play Verruckt with a friend.

We get overrun and I run to the speed cola room. Well what do you know... The same design on this wall. Maybe they just reused this texture like the Edward Richtofen books because its a classic map. But even if it is... These wall designs are only found in two rooms through all of zombies. Sammy's room. Verruckt wall. I really don't think this is a coincidence. Now onto the theory. Also this branches off my Vril Society Mother theory which I will link right here


So after Maxis and his wife married, their love story ends in tragedy. While some members of the Vril Society are taken in to help with the Vril projects, this one member is taken into Verruckt to study her mind. She had psychic powers and while at the same time the Germans thought this was amazing they also thought that these women were not normal psychologically.

So while at Verruckt she also happened to be pregnant with Ludwigs child. At one point she gave birth in the facility. The child survived but the mother sadly died while giving birth. And like Maxis said. He wanted to keep Samantha safe.

He and the scientists knew that she would inherit the same mental abilities as her mother so they kept her in her own bedroom in Verruckt. She played some chess... read some books... and even was sent a stuffed monkey from Uncle Eddy... Eventually Maxis decided to take her from Verruckt and bring her to Der Riese with him.


Hope you liked the theory and read my theory about the Vril Mother too because it will help you better understand this theory.

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Guest strange-bow7

interesting idea, maybe she did live there, although for some reason it seems unlikely. Treyarch, in some cases, are renowned for reusing textures and models. I think she may have 'lived' there in spirit form, haunting the inmates the same way she did to Yuri. That could explain the writing on the wall.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

I don't know about that since I doubt Maxis would let his daughter be around an asylum filled with gory unsafe experiments, and zombies.

But anything is plausible.

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Guest phat130y69ps3

maxis cared more for the experiments than his daughter. Who in my theory really was not his daughter. he pretended to keep her feeling safe and to cooperate

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Guest BryanJFlores650


check out my theory thats in here. it might have something to do with samantha getting to der riese...

i belive richtofen took her from verrukt...

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