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Guest Ehjookayted

Zombie Map Order Theory

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Guest Ehjookayted

Sometime during the World War II era, Richtofen and Dr. Maxis were working on the 115 Project with Group 935 in a German factory (Der Riese). Richtofen is naturally sadistic and kills Maxis and Samantha through Fluffy, the first hellhound. Richtofen is also working towards creating supersoldiers. These are Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski and an uknown Mexican soldier. His experiments kill the Mexican so Richtofen is forced to find a replacement.

Hearing about the zombie outbreak at a German asylum (Verruckt), Richtofen journeys there. Meanwhile, 4 US Marines are fending off the hordes of the undead. One of these Marines is Tank Dempsey. He is the only survivor. Richtofen takes him to replace the Mexican and begins super soldier experiments on him as well. These experiments wipe the memories of Nikolai, Takeo and Tank during and around the experiment. They also give each one enhanced and stereotypical characteristics of their country.

The experiments fail, and soon Der Riese is overrun with Zombies. Richtofen takes his prized creation, the Wunderwaffle DG-2 and the 3 semi super soldiers and battles the zombies. Through the use of the teleporter, they end up in Shi No Numa trying to find a Group 935 member Peter McCain, but only end up with even more zombies. Their mission was in vain, however, for McCain is already dead.

Fighting through there requires one more use of the teleporter, but the Wunderwaffle overloads it with 115 and the group ends up travelling into the future, circa 1951, to the theatre (Kino der Toten) where Maxis used to show off his findings. It is abandoned and infested with zombies and failed experiments, the Nova 6 crawlers. The crew fights through and teleports to a Soviet space base (Ascension), even further in the future.

They fix the Kassimir Mechanism for a man named Gersch, and Richtofen discovers that Maxis' ultimate creation was the Thundergun, which was also in Kino der Toten. (These two maps are set in the future, which explains why the Thundergun isn't in COTD, Shangri-La which are set in the present. Richtofen hadn't discovered it yet!)

Meanwhile, in America, the zombies have overrun the Pentagon (Five), and the President and others must deal with the situation. Therefore, Five and Ascension are concurrent maps, both happening in the 1960s, the middle of the space race (which country, USA or the USSR could send a man to the Moon first).

Teleporting out of Ascension and the future, the teleporter (the MDT) breaks and the crew is stuck in a small room during the present day. However, Richtofen knows of this place and the powers of 115 residing in it. He tricks a cast of actors trying to deal with a zombie infection into acquiring the Golden Rod for him, even though the teleporter gets fixed as soon as they blow up those generators. As a token of small thanks, he gives the cast his very own Wunderwaffle. The crew uses this lightning gun with the Hyena Infra-dead, created by Group 935 member Harvey Yena, H. Yena, to continue fighting zombies, as Richtofen and the gang teleport to an ancient temple (Shangri-La) "accidentally".

Throughout all this, Takeo Masaki is able to regain his memories and discern that Richtofen has potentially catastrophic ulterior motives. Takeo is waiting until the right moment, when Nikolai regains his memories and when Tank finishes regaining his to confront Richtofen.

Tank and Takeo, question what Richtofen has done, but Tank brushes it off and Takeo just keeps silent. The motive of Richtofen here is to acquire the Focusing Stone that, when combined with the Golden Rod, will allow him to rule the world. The crew creates an eclipse so that Richtofen may see a giant meteor of 115 and use the Shrink Ray (which Richtofen knew would be at Shangri-La; that's why he gave up his Wunderwaffle) to acquire a smaller version of it.

*end of what game has given to interpret so far*

Richtofen takes his crew and teleports into the future to Ascension, where the space race is in full bloom, and with the power of 115, the lunar landers and the Kassimir Mechanism, the crew rides a rocket to the moon (Moon). There, the epic conclusion to the zombies saga of Dr. Edward Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski will take place in spectacular, if not cataclysmic fashion.

*end of theory*

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Guest Ehjookayted

[center:5pnbrok6]So the order is this:


Der Riese

Shi No Numa

Kino der Toten


Call of the Dead


Ascension, only to get to--


P.S. My mistake, it's Peter McKay, not Peter McCain.[/center:5pnbrok6]

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Guest Shoreyo

thats a good theory, and you are mostly right about some things that are now proven :D [brains] for you!

But remember that the map order of the game, you know, with the characters, is in the order they come out, treyarch release them cronologically, radio and note evidence in the games prove that, they then leave the story for us to discover with the characters (remember they have lost their memories bar richt) then move on to the next map, remember also that in CoTD richtoffen has the rod, but says they were on their way to paradise and nick mentions gersch, so they couldn't have freed gersch at ascension and mention it unless it happened before CoTD :P , but it is true richtoffen worked at der riese before he went to shi no numa, but he returned with the crew afterwards. So there is proof that the maps are in cronological order, but your theory is interesting, maybe if they make a movie, it would be good to mix up the order, or treyarch could be as you say witholding the true timeline, but you need proof with in game evidense. ;)

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