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Guest ZombieCrapocalypse

How the 31-79-jgb215 works

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Guest ZombieCrapocalypse

Since I'm moderately new, I don't know what people will expect from me. Better make it good.

We already know that the thundergun works using compressed air, the wunderwaffe works using 115's electrical properties, and that the ray gun uses microwaves. But what about something as scientifically impossible as the 31-79-jgb215, or better known as, the shrink ray (or baby gun). I decided to look into it.

Famous science fiction writer and math expert Isaac Asimov wrote this concerning a shrink ray:

[center:13h8d8km]Miniaturization doesn't actually make sense unless you miniaturize the very atoms of which matter is composed. Otherwise a tiny brain in a man the size of an insect, composed of normal atoms, is composed of too few atoms for the miniaturized man to be any more intelligent than the ant. And miniaturizing atoms is, I'm afraid, not the sort of thing that can be done according to the rules of quantum mechanics.[/center:13h8d8km]

Not even the highly unstable 115 can shrink atoms. I considered another possibility, such as removing half of the atoms of the object of shrinkage. This would be highly impractical, however, for several reasons. First, tearing molecular bonds would take huge amounts of energy, but selectively taking out half of them and stitching the remaining ones together would be an even bigger fuel consumer, as well as it being highly unpredictable. Second, how would an unstable element like 115 figure out which atoms to remove? We could easily be left with the torso of a zombie, or just the legs. Third, with an an element as powerful and destructive as 115, how could it repair molecular bonds?

Plus, the entire concept of fighting zombies with a shrink ray of that method is highly impractical. Why remove only half of the atoms of a zombie when you could remove all of them, tearing apart the zombie in the smallest way possible without causing a nuclear explosion.

And so, the one other method of a shrink ray was brought up: Shrinking the molecular bonds themselves. This also proves futile. As with the other methods, it is scientifically impossible to do so. Yet, even if 115 could break these laws of physics, there is one contradiction that rules this out. And that comes not in physics, but in the humorous gameplay. The most common method among players to kill shrunken zombies is to merely walk over them and kick them to oblivion. However, if the molecular bonds were shrunken, the overall weight of the zombie wouldn't change, it would only become more dense. Kicking these zombies would be like kicking a flesh 120 lb weight. Plus the characters don't even seem to react to the pain that this would cause, so the shrunken zombies are lighter.


The 31-79-jgb215 is not impossible; it's just not a true shrink ray. It's a gas and fluid remover.

Have you ever seen one of those commercials that show a "wonderful vacuum bag"? One of those bags where you put your clothes in and suck all of the air out so you have more closet space? It's basically the same concept, remove all of the excess air, and the zombie is more lightweight.

And it would work effectively on a zombie. Since the zombies in Shangri-La have obviously been decomposing for quite some time, gases have been produced. As bacteria eat away at a dead body, they expel gas. This gas can disfigure dead bodies, and produces that nasty smell. Plus, in a tropical climate like Shangri-La, it must be extremely humid. The zombies in Shangri-La are probably waterlogged.

I bet you're wondering how the jgb can magically remove excess gas and fluid. As with other weapons in zombies, it's all thanks to 115.

Now, I'll be honest. This revelation of the jgb came to me as I was writing this post in my basement. I was wondering the same question as you. But then I realized; the answer was humming in the background all along. Literally. The shocking revelation was my dehumidifier.

If you don't know what a dehumidifier is, its a device that removes moisture from air. So, why can't the jgb be a device that removes gas and moisture from 115-infected cells?

In my research, I learned how a dehumidifier works. The dehumidifier has a dessicant, a special moisture-absorbing material. The dessicant is exposed to the air to dry it. Once the dessicant has absorbed the moisture, it moves along a belt to allow the next dessicant to dehumidify the air. As the dessicant moves along the belt, the moisture is removed, usually by heating it.

And so, by process of elimination, 115 is probably a dessicant. There's no proof for this, but it's the only thing that would make the jgb possible.

Now the basic process is revealed: The jgb launches copious amounts of 115. This can be proven by the large flash of light that is expelled when the jgb fires. The 115 quickly latches onto the zombies and sucks up the excess moisture. Once the 115 sucks up moisture, it becomes too heavy to stay attached to the zombies and falls off. After the 115 hits the hot, sunbaked surface of Shangri-La, the moisture evaporates into gas (Which can be proven by the sort of snow that erupts from the Jgb after it has fired). All of this happens in the course of a second. here's a picture to show the flash of light and the "snow" effect.


This also explains why the effect is temporary, the moisture of Shangri-La quickly fills up the zombies.

Personally, I think that was a long first real post. I might update this with the science of the Napalm Zombies' effect, and the explanation of The Fractalizer. Thanks for reading.



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dehumidifi ... Fdessicant

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Guest seit5a

Really good theory, you obviously put alot of effort in research. [brains]

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