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Guest nayrc

Richtofen: death, eternal life and his plan

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Guest nayrc

Richtofen is scared of death, he always has been ever seince he was young, heard of the consept of "DEATH", the fact that one day he would be no more.

But if was this fear that drove him, brought him to where he is today, and made him such a phsycopathc killer.

In his early days he tried to concer death, become better than it and he did this be killing. He thought that if he was to kill others then he could escape hus own death nearly as if he was taking there life. So he set of killing people, gained a name for himself. "beware the doc" the words every one knew, ricthofen hoped death would also heard these words leave him to live, for ever. He joined the army so that he could continue this craze but that was when he got even more scared.

Of coutse richtofen always hid this fear never let it show but it was always that one thing that kept him going, the power behind every thing he did.*

During the war he saw so many poeple kill so many other but then the truth dawned on him, even thought the people around him killed so many others, they where still abile to be killed. He relised you cannot beat death by killing. He needed a diffrent way.

So the next stop in richtofens journey *to imortality was becoming a faithful servant of the illuminate, hoping to be rewarded with eternal life.

But when richtofen heard wind of the projects involving 115 he once again became intreasted he studyed the re-animation of the dead as a member of group 935 hoping in some way he channel this power to again gain eternal life, he worked in 935 for a while and became intreasted in other things while learning the secrets of 115,*

But when the time came for the illuminati to order richtofen to kill maxis, he did so in a incedent we all know so well.

Now time passed, things happened and now 935 has collapsed and richtifen is no longer a servent to the illuminati, but he doesn't need eithier of those thing, he knows exactly how to escape death and even has proof it works, AETHER.

When he atempted to kill maxis and samantha he wasnt 100% sure what happened but in time he learnt she had survived and bevame trapped in aether, where she would continue to exsist for ever, richtofen learnt about gersh who was trapped two but he was abil to escape from aether, to end his exsestince.

Now richtofen is at the final step of his plan, gathering things he needs to push samantha out of aether and take her place, he can live his dream of imortaly,*

But as gersh, so egar to get out, and samantha ,who seems to always be suffring (ie.the songs), seem to not be exactly enjoying aether death might acually be an easier choice.


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Guest Monopoly Mac

FUUUUUUCCCCCC- I fcuking messed with the tab button and I gave you a negative brain. :( I'll give you two brains in the future. I completely agree with your theory.

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Guest Undead Nightmare

I love it! [brains] for you.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

great theory

have some brains [brains]

I wonder what it will be like when he learns about the truth of what lies in Aether...

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Guest nayrc

in light of new information maybe richtofen want to freeze him self to live longer

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