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Guest BlackOpsTiger

‡†‡'Theories' Chapter 2: Reviving GKNOVA 6 Viral docs‡†‡'

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Guest BlackOpsTiger

[center:wp5vde81]Zombie Community Project[/center:wp5vde81]

[center:wp5vde81]Chapter 1 - The Radios viewtopic.php?f=67&p=138168 < LINK[/center:wp5vde81]

Story Notes -The point of this story is to help decipher and determine the entire backstory of zombies with the help of the community.

I'm going to do this by starting the story with various Chapters. There will be a lot of Chapters. I will begin the chapter with my thoughts on the subject. The community however is the real point for this story. I will be taking comments from people about what they think about the backstory and will modify the story.

After we have completed many chapters and we think everything is connected we will write up the story and send it to Treyarch and see if we get a response about our work.

So leave replies telling me what you think, If i'm wrong, If I did a good job, what the next chapter should be about, etc. and let's just have fun

Treyarch has created a great backstory to the Zombies mode we all love, it must be fun to watch the community try and make theories about the story. But maybe one day we will finally get the story right? :D

Chapter Notes -

For the Second chapter I decided to bring back all of the documents & Artifacts that Treyarch gave us during the GKNOVA6 viral those are:

- GKNOVA 6 Live Drop http://callofdutyzombies.com/home/index ... Itemid=119 < LINK

- Intel from Treyarch http://www.codblackopsblog.com/strange- ... d-in-post/ < LINK

- GKNOVa6.com http://www.gknova6.com < LINK

Most of the material was looked at for about a month then dropped. However looking back at the documents there is a lot that we can see connects to the upcoming Area 51 map and the whole backstory of Zombies.

So please feel free to let me know if you disagree with my opinion on the item or if you have a different theory and I will add it.

[center:wp5vde81]GKNOVA6 Live Drop[/center:wp5vde81]

- I believe a large majority of the Items from the live drop were related to the campaign specifically, so I've only included the items that would have any relevance to Zombies if any, the ones I've excluded are:

cell phone, gum&tape, bullet casings, CIA book, dollar bill, fallout brochure, radiation sicknes,, list of names, dragonlady inspection card, cipher rings, emails


Pencil with the numbers 357?4? and 7x's


I believe this pencil may actually hold significance because another document later given by Treyarch in the mail had 7 x's on it. We may find a relationship.

Document 1



- 2 Papers


Alleged Nazi ties tarnish reputation


After a long struggle to address accusations of creating chemical weapons for the Nazi’s,GK corporation will official cease operations this may.

Plauged by Investigations since the disappearance of several employees late last year, GK has denied any wrongdoing despite suspicious documents which have since come to light.

Th announcement came from a rare appearance from sitting President Mr. [The rest is cut off]

#2- Documents link Truman with UFO in New Mexico

Gannet News Service

WASHINGTON - Journalists from as far away as Europe and Japan converged on American University here Friday to look at controversial documents purportedly linking the late president Truman to a recover operation involving a crashed extraterestrial spacecraft in New Mexico.

The Controvery centers on the authenticity of the so-called majestic-12 document, allegedly prepared for President-elect Eisenhower on Nov. 18,1952.

The Document was never released publicy and, according to what was presented as a White House memo at the time, only President Truman, two of his cabinet members and the CIA knew its contents.

The continuing UFO controversy is enjoying perhaps it’s broadest forum ever this weekend during the “International symposium on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena: A World View” The symposium last through Sunday.

The Document reports that on July 7, 1947, “a secret operation was begun to ensure recovery” of a supposed space-craft that had crashed about a week earlier near Roswell Army Base in New Mexico.

“We’ve spent two and a half years with that document. We are not prepared to state thiat it’s genuine, but there is no evidence so far to suggest otherwise,” said Bill Moore, author of a book titled “The Roswell Incident”.

According to the majestic-12 document, the decomposing corpses of four-small human-like beings” were discovered two miles away from the New Mexico crash site, indicating they had perhaps ejected before impact.

The M-12 briefing said: It was the tentative conclusion of this group... that although these creatures are human-like in appearance, the biological and evolutionary proccesses responsible for their development has apparently been quite different from those observed for homo sapiens.

The first paper seems to tell us that GK was found connected to the Nazi chemical manufacturing during the war.

The second document is very interesting, it tells us that MJ-12 may have been around as earlier as 1952 and had connections with the CIA and some of the presidential cabinet.

Another important note is that the MJ-12 briefing was studying the crashed "aliens" and observed the process of homospaien development and concluded they were different.

Perhaps now this can link to the Gene I.D. on the Der Riese Chalkboard about human Genetics, along with the aliens seen on the Hangar 18 map. There is also a theory the shrine of Richtofen has an alien and human skull in it, this may end up connecting.

Document 2-?

There are around 20 or so other documents all on the same subject, but the transcript for all of them can be found here:

https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id ... dr_k&pli=1

The remaining documents from the live drop contained information on:


-Project NOVA

The reason why these are significant to the zombie story is the fact that Richtofen used Mind Control and so did Dr. Maxis. In fact, the recordings in Kino der Toten describe Maxis performing a Operation bluebird-like experiment on a subject.

The reason is unknown, Dr. Maxis wanted Richtofen to test on unlocking the human mind for control, and this is where the other 3, tank, takeo and Nikolai come in. But somehow richtofen's mind was also altered.

The United States also started Mind Control experiments under things like MKULTRA, Artichoke, etc. Treyarch might be trying to tell us that through Operation Paperclip and after recovering info from 935 and Maxis' experiments the CIA created these programs.

Of course the motive has several option, Manchurian candidates, etc. but these papers may lead to understanding something important later on.

[center:wp5vde81]Intel from Treyarch[/center:wp5vde81]

[center:wp5vde81]Document 1


When deciphered the poem reads:

From a part we may judge of the whole. MKULTRA. Bluebird. Artichoke. The past, the truth. Blome

Brought the evil. Someone hid it. God vs god. Believe in the Welteis and the

dead start walking. Power. German knowledge. Beware of the Black Sun.

Search the truth. It is still there. Son of the HUD. Four letters. Building

87. Clean the world in a manner which is honorable.

This can be interpreted in many ways, I personally see it like this, but if you have another view please feel free to leave it:


From a part we may judge of the whole. (3 parts, maybe more or less listed below come together when judged as a whole story)

Mind Control experiments/ human Experimentation (WW2/935 - CIA Project Paperclip-run experiments):

MKULTRA. Bluebird. Artichoke. The past, the truth. Blome brought the evil. Someone hid it.

Vril/German technology/ bringing the Zombies to life/Samantha as a god?:

God vs god. Believe in the Welteis and the

dead start walking. Power. German knowledge. Beware of the Black Sun.

NOVA?/Discovering Richtofen's past/finding the truth about what is happening/Hudson?/creating "87" series of weapons & cleaning zombies from the World:

Search the truth. It is still there. Son of the HUD. Four letters. Building

87. Clean the world in a manner which is honorable."

Document 2


Meaning is currently unknown. However, there are 7 X's on this paper and the Watermark of the Illuminati/Black Sun seal. Maybe that pencil, number, and some cryptology method can give us something?

Document 3


This was one of the hardest documents we've been able to decipher.

Over a year ago, I and several others were able to solve this confusing pattern of numbers and come to a conclusion that they stood for elements used in Nuclear fission, atom Bombs, and were also elements listed in a Majestic 12 document from a crashed spacecraft, you can read that MJ-12 document here:

http://www.majesticdocuments.com/pdf/tw ... report.pdf < LINK

The elements found and solution can be viewed here:

http://forums.digitalwarfare247.com/ind ... _p__445882 <LINK

Lastly, notice the shape of the pattern is like a teleporter or Die Glocke

Document 4


The numbers are unknown, but they may be used to solve the pencil and x number thing as the same X is on these number sheets.

However, the interesting this is that over a year ago when these came out someone found out that windows2 can be meant as Sun and Moon. And when they cross you get an solar eclipse.

So, the solar eclipse in Shangri-La was really pointed out by Treyarch over a Year ago, its unknown if there is much other meaning from this

Document 5


Nobody has found any significance of this yet.

Document 6


A web connecting the I.G. Farben empire with some of the biggest bankers of the time. They practically ran the world.

Another interesting thing is that their was a plan by the Nazis to use a blimp-like aircraft to drop their atomic bomb, which they tested and their is a newspaper clipping about it in a second, these banks were the primary target for the Nazi Empire to wipe out and take over the Western world.

It is also rumored that some of the bank owners here are connected to the "Illuminati satanic bloodline". We've heard of that more than one time in the storyline.

Document 7


Chemical structure of Tetrodotoxin. This was said to "zombify" people when taken from a pupperfish and is 100X more deadly than cyanide.

Perhaps this is part of the NOVA compound?

Document 8


A letter about Dr. Blome and his request to send sick incurable patients somewhere to experiment on them. This was also part of a plan to develop Germ warfare.

It is very possible that this is referencing people to experiment on at Der Riese, this will later be explained in a chapter connecting Blome to the poem to Der Riese, as his name is found on a medical poster there.

Document 9


A map of the I.G. Farben complex that was later claimed by the CIA to be headquarter of CIA operations in Germany.

The interesting thing to note here is that this facility would provide the needs for nuclear arms in the U.S., chemical compounds to make deadly Biowarfare agents, similar to NOVA compound, and last but most important the compounds needed for operating spacecraft and various things involved in "space-time" travel making teleportation possible from Area 51 to the moon, chapter on that later

Document 10


Plans to create a Wunderwaffe facility in a wooded area, not much is know about the facility or if it was ever finished as this was near the end of the war.

Document 11


List of Various Chemical companies around the world

Document 12


Letter to American I.G. Farben leader talking about Economic transferring. Part of Hitler's plan to consolidate all production around the world for his war machine. Also important because it's apart of this mysterious GK-I.G. Farben connection.

Document 13


A summary about the Economic Giant I.G. Farben and it's potential to destroy the rest of the world. What is interesting about it is at the bottom of this document it says "Entaglement The Real Giant" showing that I.G. Farben was really what gave Nazi experimentation the edge

Document 14


Even Hitler loved I.G. Farben for what it enabled his Wunderwaffe program and war machine to accomplish

Document 15


Very important document here, this is Dr. Kurt Blome's formula for creating the Atom Bomb, not only did he oversea experimentation at Der Riese, he was also greatly involved in nuclear physics, which is very important in understanding Aether, embracing TRINITY for power, Area 51, and the whole connection, which will be explained in a later chapter about the connection of the Dreamland scientists, Atom Bomb, and Aether

Document 16


This is also very interesting. The bottom of the paper, which I believe this series was published by G.K. after the war to investigate the zombie incidents and the progress the Germans made with wunderwaffe experiments like Der Riese. The bottom reads, Project Giant. Knowledge of the Allies.

But the thing is this was a publishing in 1946 about how sophisticated the Germans were in Nuclear Fission and concentrating Uranium-235. A major element in Atom Bombs.

The thing that is fishy is this mysterious coalition of USSR, France, and Britain, and U.S. Intelligence command set up to study German Progress after the war.

I believe that this may lead to discovering why the Pentagon is so similar to Rebirth Island, and why the Eiffel Tower is seen in Der Riese. Britiain is still a bit of a mystery as of now. But this mysterious joint intelligence force seems to have been working together with the NOVA gas projects, maybe not mind control, but most definitely teleporting to the moon, as I will prove in a later chapter of the coalition of the various agencies.

Document 17


Unknown, there is a list of Doctors and the bottom reads "Before the attack I.G. Farben protocol.

So perhaps this links I.G. Farben to an attack. If you can read it let me know.

Document 18


This is the document I was referring to earlier about the test of the Atom bomb. Berlin was "silent" for 60 Hours because electromagnetic interference from nuclear material exploding was found as the cause. This shows the Germans certainly had scientists that knew how to use nuclear technology.

Document 19


This is the "power structure" diagram of G.K.

Some people say g.k. may stand for German Knowledge, because it was a plan (not real, only for black ops :P ) to gather what the Germans had learned with their tests during the war.

This might be able to explain why they were so interested in I.G. Farben and why program with Nazi scientsits were started after the war to create rockets to go to space, to conduct mind control, teleport to the moon, etc.

It may also be able to explain why there are similarities between Russia and the U.S.

Document 20


Picture and list of scientists coming to the U.S. to work for the CIA, Russia had a very similar program.

The most notable is Wernher Von Braun who is also listed in the terminal files as a user and was informed about projects in Verruckt and Der Riese and worked at Area 51 on several things (at least in the zombies storyline :P )

But another VERY interesting thing is that the bottom of the document references Kurt Blome again and then says Operation Paperclip.

It is believed that the Americans used this program or some form of Intervention to save him from Judgement after the War and he was later involved in many Chemical and Biological warfare programs under U.S. control.

This may make it a possibility that Blome was somehow involved with the creation of the NOVA compound

Document 21


A portfolio of what Blome did in the U.S. after WW2.

Shows proof that he is connected to LSD experiments with mind control altering drugs under the MK-ULTRA program

Document 22


Also another file about Kurt Blome. This may be connected to his alleged LSD experiments.

Frank Olson was killed as a result of the MKULTRA experiments from LSD.

Document 23


Two interrogation Centers Kurt Blome played a part in During WW2.

The first, Camp David. Was used by the U.S. as an intelligence gathering center in Germany after the war, the U.S. and Britain both used it as a center of interrogation after the war. This may be because of the G.K. connection and the knowledge of Blome in human experimentation.


Before release this website was used to show images of what is now on the zombies main menu. Now it has a loading screen of what looks like a slightly altered Vitruvian man.[/center:wp5vde81]


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