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Guest candlekiller

New theory about Richtofen

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Guest candlekiller

Now this is my first topic and I havent gotten so much time to really see EVERYTHING about Richtofen so if this is just me repeating something you have already heard a million times before, fine. But it's new to me seeing as how I thought of it.

So I was reading stuff about timelines and Richtofen going into the aether to fight samantha and this new map being the end for our old friends and I don't remember the names of these threads but if you are reading this then speak up so I can give you credit.

Anyway... I've seen timelines with ascension being last and "unknown"(which is moon) preceding that and I also have heard things about Richtofen knowing everything that is happening so that is why he is going into the past so he can show Samantha that zombies aren't her friend. My theory was that if Richtofen knew what was going on, then he can't die in "Moon" because he would know and still have to go to ascension to get the gerzch and go into the aether to fight Samantha (or whatever he will do in there). Now I know this isn't really a theory but more like something to try to disprove the deletion of the classic characters and I yet have found a way to say with certainty that they will still be as characters in future zombie maps (if there are any) and this is a "theory" based on other theories.

If you would like to disprove, add more evidence, or continue on with this theory, be my guest because I thought of this at around 2 in the morning.

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Guest football5699

My first prominant theory was that Ascension was the Epilogue of Zombies as seen in a link in my Theories of Shangri-La Thread (forget name of original thread at the moment but check it out :D )

Now with the more evidence of Ascension being before the CotD encounter IDK anymore....I think Richtofen and Sam will meet in a big showdown....wait

Since I personally believe we will never see Sam..I wonder if Richtofen say, idk, disappears into Aether with Sam and you just stand there and listen to them fight to the...well...death (somewhat)....that would be epic.

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