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Guest Storm1986

Cross map Easter egg?

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Guest Storm1986

I also think there is a cross map Easter egg, this is only because if none 4 players have done the Easter egg on call of the dead, Richtofen does not get the golden rod at the start up of Shangri La

Yes I have tested this but you only need one of the 4 players to have done this trophy before whoever is Richtofen has the golden rod whether they have or have not done the Easter egg.

Therefore assuming there is a new Map pack you will start with the Golden Rod and Focusing stone providing someone in the game has the two ester eggs completed

The Golden Rod and Focusing stone will be needed to complete the New and final part of the Easter egg.

Thoughts so far????

Gets you thinking yes????

With this in mind I have doing a little homework to find out what these item are and what they going to be used for??

From what I have read and found out, a lot of the zombies under lying Story is based on a conspiracy surrounding the Nazs and the Illuminati following on from beliefs that seem to originate from the novel The Coming Race (1871) by Sir Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

According to the novel The Coming Race (1871) derived their Vril Energy from the Black Sun, a ball of Prima Materia (it is believed that Prima materia made man capable of doing God's work). Some suspect that the Nazis used this power source for the ambitious program involving an inter-dimensional flight machine based on psychic revelations from the Aldebaran aliens.

In 1947 Robert A. Heinlein published a science fiction novel Rocket Ship Galileo that featured a Nazi moon base.

Some links from the history page surrounding this conspiracy theory which I have made to the zombies

Vril Generator – Golden Rod

Black Sun - Focusing stone

Vril" came to be associated with "life-giving elixirs". – The 7 Perks soon to be 8

Vril-powered KSK (Kraftstrahlkanone, "force-ray cannon - thunder gun

Transmission rods that produce potent energy rays - ray gun

Ununpentium - Element 115

I am still putting the puzzle together but I do think I’m looking along the right lines, as the next MAP is on the Moon, so I think there is a strong posiblity of needing the Vril Generator (golden rod) wich is referenced at the end of the solo easter egg on call of the dead as the Vril Generator, which i belive you will need to power a UFO



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