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Guest Matuzz

Next map possibility, Antarctica and Spear of Destiny.

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Guest Matuzz

[center:17mqbdeg]Adolph Hitler was guided by his fascination with the occult, forever in search of its mysteries, wanting to creating the perfect Ayran race based on mythic Atlanteans, seeking the Spear of Destiny among other artifacts, and as some believe discovering a crashed UFO in 1936 in the Black Forest - Project Haunebu. Some researchers connect Hitler with Argentina, Antarctica, and aliens from Aldebaran who allegedly helped him build UFOs and escape through a portal in Antarctica after he lost the war in 1945.

Dr. Howard A. Buechner, M.D., professor of medicine at Tulane and then Louisiana State University, wrote two books on the spear. Buechner was a retired colonel with the U.S. Army who served in World War II and had written a book about the Dachau massacre. He claims he was contacted by a former U-boat submariner, the pseudonymous Capt. Wilhelm Bernhart, who claimed the spear currently on display in Vienna is a fake. "Bernhart" said the real spear was sent by Hitler to Antarctica along with other Nazi treasures, under the command of Col. Maximilian Hartmann.

In 1979 Hartmann allegedly recovered the treasures. Bernhart presented Buechner with the log from this expedition as well as pictures of the objects recovered, claiming that after the Spear of Destiny was recovered, it was hidden somewhere in Europe by a Nazi secret society. After contacting most of the members of the alleged expedition and others involved, including Hitler Youth Leader Artur Axmann, Buechner became convinced the claims were true.

Like many other countries, Germany sent expeditions to the Antarctic region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, most of which were scientific. The late 19th century expeditions to the Southern Ocean, South Georgia, the Kerguelen Islands, and the Crozet Islands were astronomical, meteorological, and hydrological, mostly in close collaboration with scientific teams from other countries. As the 19th century ended Germany began to focus on Antarctica.

The first German expedition to Antarctica was the Gauss expedition from 1901 to 1903. Led by Arctic veteran and geology professor Erich von Drygalski, this was the first expedition to use a hot-air balloon in Antarctica. It also found and named Kaiser Wilhelm II Land. The second German Antarctic expedition (1911–1912) was led by Wilhelm Filchner with a goal of crossing Antarctica to learn if it was one piece of land. As happened with other such early attempts, the crossing failed before it even began. The expedition discovered and named the Luitpold Coast and the Filchner Ice Shelf. A German whaling fleet was put to sea in 1937 and, upon its successful return in early 1938, plans for a third German Antarctic expedition were drawn up.

Neuschwabenland was founded into the Antarctica:



Basically the MP map Discovery is the Neuschwabenland and you can check AlphaSnake's topic about it:


But back to the topic how would this be the next zombie map.

First it says that he escaped through a portal in Antarctica after he lost the war in 1945.

Teleporters in Antarctica ;)

Also it says that Hitler was seeking the Spear of Destiny among other artifacts. Could these other artifacts be Vril Generator and Focusing Stone?

Also to note that who has the Spear of Destiny can rule the world ;)

The Aliens from Aldebaran are Vril-Ya aliens who went to Hollow Earth and lived there and we can see in Shangri-La skull of one of them:


To get more information on their involvement in the story check this thread:


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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Cool, great post.

I wish we could have a discovery map, but wouldn't that be like Call of the Dead?

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Guest ccm404e

I doubt we'll have Antarctica. Not after having Call of the Dead. But the thing about Hitler is interesting. Perhaps he told Richtofen about the Focusing Stone and the Vril Genertator...

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Guest Matuzz

Its a moon, well at least I was right about Richtofen going to space when I made thread after Ascension.

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