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Map dates, and summary/theory

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Nact Der Untoten- somewhere near Der reise, US team was shot down by German Sentries on the outskirts of Breselau. 1941-1943

Verruckt- Tank Dempsey is sent out to lead a marine rescue team to secure Peter Mcay, from a Nazi Asylum where Richoten tested on patients.Peter, nor Richtofen are there,but zombies are there. 1943-1944

Shi-No-Numa- A new team is formed to secure Peter, who is found hung. The team meets a Dr.Edward Richtofen and his experiments on 115.First Encounter with Richtofens weapon the DG-2 Team escapes zombies 1945

Now this is where i believe the testing and the brainwashing happened on our guardians. Maybe Richtofen took them to Kino before the infestation and thats how he teleported back to Der Reise, and then they teleported back but forward in time.

Der Reise- Team is teleported to Der Reise and meets hordes of zombies they use the teleporters and newly found Pack A Punch machine. Team escapes on teleporter only to have it overide due to the DG-2, and its destroyed, and the teleporter takes them foward in time to a Testing Facility located in an Nazi Theatre. 1945

Kino Der Toten- Our Guardians are taken to the Theatre and see the brainwashing techniques of Group 935 (the reels) and how Dr. Maxis was going to present inventions to the High Command, and maybe even killl them, but i dunno bout that. We learn that samantha stayed here and had a bedroom. 1950

Five- Due to the American Testing of Nazi inventions (teleporter, wonder weapons, 115, etc) an infestation of zombies has occured in the pentagon, and caused our favorite president, JFK, adn his pals, Nixon, Castro, Macnamara, to fight off the horde, while contacting Russian Scientists of the happening. 1962-1963

Ascension- A Russian Facility testing on Rockets, space travel, and weapons. I believe the infestation occured when they sent a rocket with some monkeys and people to the moon, they brought back 115 (unknowingly of what would happen) and that zombified them. OORRRRR When Samantha gained control over Yuri to kill Gersh, she was able to control the rest of the workers/scientists, thus zombifiying them and trapping Yuri, that is why he needs to be freed. Team uses Gersh Device to teleport to Call of the Dead, which was an overshoot. 1962-1963

Call of the Dead- 4 actors are in the middle of a zombie infestation caused by outbreaks on ships and crates of 115 and zombies. Actors must free the team and give richtofen what he needs, while his subjects, who already are getting their memory back, and have been for a while, are drunk. They teleport to Shangri La

Shangri La-I dont have map so i dont think i should do this one [brains]

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Guest Tac

Next time please use the search button. I made this exact thread, but more in depth. It's in my sig

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oh, shit, sorry, i will remember to do that now

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