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Guest dykeso

My input on Retaliation ( MP 4 )

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Guest dykeso

This is what i have found, and i don't know if has been mentioned before or not, and IMHO i don't really understand the search :L

So, when i was banned, i was still doing my good old research, and had came across a comment on youtube.

I have'nt had a chance to check it out, until now.

Hear is a ' website ' i have found explaining most things the map pack could bring :

Entitled “Retaliation”, this new map-pack will contain a total of 5 maps, four of which are multiplayer maps and one is a zombie map. Check out the list of maps and details below.

The four multiplayer maps are:

Mansion: set in Castro’s secret compound in Cuba.

Cargo: set in an frozen shipping center in Greenland.

Metro: set in an urban city in Vietnam.

Harbor: set in an abandoned shipyard in America.

The map pack will also include a new Zombies map titled Quarantine, set in Area 51, the highly controversial military base in Nevada. This is thought to be the final map-pack for Call of Duty:Black Ops.

Also, i picked this up :

( some of my own thoughts )

First Strike




As you can see, it spells fear..... ( F.E.A.R )

but this i can understand? slightly :L

( as i say i don't understand search and do not know if this has already been mentioned. ) If it has, sorry for wasting you're time.



( this is not my work ( the websitre is not mine )

No copyright is intended.

And, this has not been confirmed, or only


Thanks, i would like to read you're thoughts :)

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Guest Zombieofthedead

We all know this, actually. It's basically only rumor.

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Guest dykeso

Oh, well.... i've just literally been unbanned, and plus i hardly check the new map pack forum bit anyway. Oh well, this can just die down :L not unless newbies want to see it/

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

I'd believe it. All of my theories have Richtofen going to Area 51, and so do hints in the game since Shi No Numa. And I believe all those MP maps were leaked a long time ago, but nobody cares. Or I think they were canceled, or at least Harbor was.

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Guest ZombicidalManiac

Yes this is old news but interesting none the less. Whether or not there will be a map pack 4 (which I firmly believe there will be) theres no gaurantee that it will take place in Area 51. If you look at the pattern of Treyarchs releases, you'll notice that every other map has the original characters in it. So if this map pack does come out, it could be like Five or Call of the Dead. But since it may be the last map pack for Black Ops, we'll probably be seeing our 4 original heroes in it. We can only wait.

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