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Information compilation

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

This is a lot of links containing information pertaining to each of these subjects.

Die Glocke-






^ Sh!t ton of info on that link







Project Riese



Nazi connection with Shambhala


Ernst Schäfer's expedition to Tibet

At least one documentary, Hitler's Search for the Holy Grail, includes footage from the 1939 German expedition to Tibet. The documentary describes it as "the most ambitious expedition" of the SS. This original video material was made accessible again by Marco Dolcetta in his series Il Nazismo Esoterico in 1994.[43] An interview that Dolcetta conducted with Schäfer does not support the theories of Nazi occultism, neither does Reinhard Greve's 1995 article Tibetforschung im SS Ahnenerbe (Tibet Research Within the SS Ahnenerbe),[44] although the latter does mention the occult thesis.[43] Hakl comments that Greve should have emphasized the unreliability of authors like Berger and Pauwels or Angbert more.[43] Ernst Schäfer's expedition report explicitly remarks on the "worthless goings-on" by "a whole army of quacksalvers" concerning Asia and especially Tibet.


That's all for now. If you have another topic for which you'd like me to compile resources to just post it as a reply.

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