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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Dwarka- Could this be what's next?

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

I bumped this after a while, because right now this and Paris seem like the only leads for the next zombies.

I was looking up the soundtracks to the Black Ops campaign and found this one.

Later, I looked it up again, and found that instead of Black Ops OST the search suggestions said underwater city.

So I looked it up and found out that Dwarka is the name of an ancient city from 23,000 years ago that was discovered submerged underwater.

So I was thinking why would the soudntrack for Rebirth Island be the name of an iconic religious Atlantian city submerged underwater for millenium's?

So I went back looking into the Vril society, which we have learned more about that's to research sparked by Call of the Dead's golden rod, ie vril generator.

And found that there were connections to Atlantis in the vril society. Here's a paragraph courtesy of wiki's vril page

The Vril-ya as Descendants of Atlantis

The narrator makes this remark in passing in Chapter IX:

According to the earliest traditions, the remote progenitors of the race had once tenanted a world above the surface of that in which their descendants dwelt. Myths of that world were still preserved in their archives, and in those myths were legends of a vaulted dome in which the lamps were lighted by no human hand. But such legends were considered by most commentators as allegorical fables. According to these traditions the earth itself [... was] subject to many violent revolutions of nature. By one of such revolutions, that portion of the upper world inhabited by the ancestors of this race had been subjected to inundations, not rapid, but gradual and uncontrollable, in which all, save a scanty remnant, were submerged and perished. Whether this be a record of our historical and sacred Deluge, or of some earlier one contended for by geologists, I do not pretend to conjecture; though, according to the chronology of this people as compared with that of Newton, it must have been many thousands of years before the time of Noah.[13]

The link to Atlantis was made later by occult writers who believed The Coming Race to be non-fiction

I found this all to be rather interesting.


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Guest AlphaSnake

Nice find.

This fits with what I have been looking into recently.

Keep digging.

Regards Alpha.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

After looking more, I just found more about Dwarka being thought to be a place of fiction until it's ruins were discovered underwater. It seems to be like such pure glorious city, taken by the sea, that it reminds me of Atlantis, and it basically is a Hindu version of it. And since I can't find anything about Hitler and Dwarka, I decided to look for things between Hitler and Atlantis, since there's some things I found saying that the Aryan's and Atlantis on the Vril page on wiki.

I came across this: http://www.suite101.com/content/atlantis-and-the-aryan-connection-a122805

And here's the part that caught my eye

-Atlantis and Nazi Mysticism

How did this Eurocentric “Aryan race” repudiated by most anthropologists before the middle of the 20th century become the basis of the Nazi policy of racial purge and extermination?

The answer lies in Heinrich Himmler who was fascinated with the popular Madame Blavatsky, occultist and medium. Blavatsky claimed that the survivors of Atlantis, an elite priesthood with evolved psychic power, took refuge in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Setting up the National Heritage institute as part of the SS, Himmler sent archaeologists to different geographical areas to search for evidence of Atlantis. There was much speculation that various expeditions, including one to Tibet, made by German SS troops were motivated by the Aryan connection.

Hitler’s search for a national origin story for Germany rendered him susceptible to Himmler’s influence. Atlantis, with its association with an evolved race, became the scapegoat of Nazi propaganda.

So supposed Atlantis survivors with super powers in Gobi Desert, and an expedition to find it in Tibet.

And isn't Tibet supposed to be one of the locations of Shangri La? And our characters just ended up there, while it's also where the Nazi's searched for remains of Atlantis and the Aryan connection.


Also found that link on the Tibetian connection with Nazis.

And I found this link on the Gobi Desert with Nazis.


After a little mores searching, this is all I can find, it's all the same stuff with the Aryan connection, finding Atlantis, tibet raids, etc.

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Guest Tac

Sick dude. It's all coming together lol

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