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Guest StoneMason33

Computer Codes HELP NEEDED!!

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Guest StoneMason33

Hey recently i have been scrounging around the computer in the main menu behind Alex Mason's chair and i was looking through some of the files in the RLOGIN DREAMLAND accounts which are roppen (robert oppenheimer) and vbush (Dr. Vannevar Bush) and going through vbush nothing really turned up i didnt already know like transcripts from radio messages from der riese and shi no numa but then i got on roppen and found some text documents which contain seemingly random letters and i was too lazy to try and decode them through the computer (which i will do soon) but i was wondering if anyone could assist me in decoding them the documents that i opened are as follows (also if you see a letter in parentheses its because i couldnt make out a letter because they were blurry so feel free to substitute them out for example MM(N) means the second m might be an n not both letter so M(N)M means the first m follow?)







I know this looks extemely boring and tedious but i will try to decode it as best i can but as i said i need help so if people would please chip in thatd be great also if you want to test the decoder in the computer try typing in "Decode Cuzgutct" or "cuzgutct decode" this cuzgutct was apparently the man

giving peter in shi no numa the transmission with the numbers so itd be nice to know his name or alias.

Also as everyone knows Tank dempsey was in verruckt so in the account vbush i believe there is a doc. that is about his team being sent there and at the end of the message it says

RGXZSTJMGQGZZQWZFUPTWZGPNGXZRUEGZPJMGCTWZGCNGONT so maybe it is something that is extremely important.

Some other interesting things i found

There is a list of all known places where 115 can be found

Tunguska,Groom Lake (near area 51) Der Riese, The moon, and Shi no numa

Why am i taking all this time in this computer? you may ask

Well i honestly feel not many people have done this and if they have they havent looked as deep as i have and i think this info could contribute greatly to the zombies story and also people never think to look at some of these messages

that look like gibberish and write them off as just that so i want to see if they are something more that is overlooked also for those that dont know dreamland is area 51

also if anyone knew what exactly rising sun facility at snn is that would help too because there is a doc. that says the ray gun was made from designs seized from rising sun facility

if anyone can answer these questions pleases do and if you can help me decode the messages that would be much appreciated leave a comment and i can see what we can get done

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Guest liltaz23


A lot of people have looked into this. We've figured out most of the plain terminal stuff, but the stuff on the Der Riese Server is being investigated.

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Guest StoneMason33

ok i posted this because i have never really heard or seen anything anywhere about this stuff so i thought possibly maybe it was just overlooked or

swept under the rug and dismissed but thank you for that info but for me could you tell me if the codes i posted are already deciphered and what they mean?

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Guest Tac

Check out HERE for the Haiku's

And the message in your Tank Dempsey one decode's to Tank Dempsey I believe. I'm not looking at it now, but if it's inside the paragraph, it's that. If it's at the end end it means Cornelius Pernell.

And as said above, this has been researched many times, so please help us crack the Der Riese server now!

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