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Guest uzi

All Easter Egg songs. Samantha's POV! Please Read***********

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Guest uzi

Alright, just picture Samantha singing each of these songs. Please listen to them, and watch the lyrics for it to really hit you. The easter egg songs are not here for us to listen to, they are a message from sam.

Shi No Numa:

Der Riese:

A main line that stuck out to me is "Your curiosity, filling my animosity, and reason is treason". We know that Rictofen killed Dr.Maxis, commiting treason on Dr.Maxis and sam.

Kino Der Toten:

A huge line to me:"No one can see me, and I've lost all feeling, and I know I wont die alone". She is basicly saying that she will kill those characters with the endless amount of zombies. She can control when the box moves as well.

Another line: "I will stop you from your breathing and all your deceiving this house is not my home" Stopping Rictofen from deceiving anymore people. We know that he is actually doing experiments on the rest of our characters. She is trying to kill him so he can't deceive anyone else. Thats what these lyrics say to me. She wants revenge for being killed by Rictofen.

There are countless lines that I could see coming from sam, and with great meaning. I do encourage you all to watch every video in this post, as you might catch something I didn't!



Important line: "You want me to be gone, but I have just be-gun." I think that she is taunting them with what she has done to the characters so far, but will continue to play mind games with them. She is just starting with them! This can also lead to believe that there might be a map pack 4 (Not starting an argument here).

Call of the Dead

I will only do 1 line on this song: "The endless possibilities controlling every fight." Meaning that if sam wants to move the box, she will. "Controlling" the fight. She is controlling where we have to go right from the start of the game on Call of the dead. I use strategys so it doesn't matter to me, but I know people who go for the box right away. ANYWAYS. It just sounds like Sam controlling things.


Not doing any lines here. Please watch it all!

THESE ARE JUST LINES I FOUND IMPORTANT. NOT ALL OF THE IMPORTANT ONES. Please watch the videos as the lyrics are in them!

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