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Guest Boobadizzle

Samantha Maxis: Intentions, Dead or Alive?

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Guest Boobadizzle

Samantha: Throughout the levels of WaW and BO we've seen or heard about various meetings with Samantha. Black Ops' map Kino Der Toten has an opening radio message of Richtofen, some part in the message he asks where did that little girl go? This hints that Richtofen and Samantha met in the teleporter from Der Riese to Kino.

After Call of the Dead and finding out about experiments done to her we now have more evidence that says Richtofen is the target. Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo could just be collateral damage. The first, and most obvious reason is that Richtofen zombified her.

The hidden songs also explain more about Samantha and could be seen as what she's thinking. In Der Riese (Beauty of Annhilation) It mentions things like: "YOU CAN'T F****** ANNHILATE ME" maybe meaning at this time she thinks or maybe knows she can't be killed.

Kino's song (115) hints that she needs more power. 115 being the element number that re-animates dead cells. Samantha's army of the undead may be lacking in numbers at this point. She needs more power as heard in the Ascension Easter egg.

The Ascension easter egg does indeed ask for more power at the end of it. However, Gersch, the man who Samantha drove insane has asked to be released from the Gerschdevice. However, for all we know it could be Sam asking for power but using Gersch as she knows they would not help her. Notice that 115 is in all the weapons that generate power for Gersch to escape. Maybe releasing Sam to?

The ascension song (Abradavre) mentions that "It's all inside my head" which may be hinting towards a more humane side to Sam. For all we know, she is now re-thinking everything she's done and maybe wants to change.

Shangri-La's hidden song (Names slipped my mind) mentions Nine Eyes (Mentioned in another, might I say, wonderful post) which means 2 things. Either Sam (or Richtofen) is wanting to turn God-Like or Samantha is going to accept humanity and die. Neither can be confirmed without another Zombie map featuring the Original Characters.

Please post/comment your views about Samantha Maxis, let me know what you think if my theory. Thanks.

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Guest PokeDanny10

Hmm...this made me think of something...

Maybe Samantha just wants Richtofen to suffer but not to die because for all we know, she likes to torture people sending a zombie army to hunt them down. She maybe wants to become a goddess or just wants to die once and for all, but she knows that if she kills Richtofen, in the now-screwed timeline, she may end up killing him before the outbreak occured, meaning he will never exist, he will never had killed her (making her god-like) and any of the events occured...or the whole story will keep repeating, just like a paradox.

Oh and by the way, nice post and Gersch isn't the man Sam drove insane, Yuri was the one who went insane and Gersch was the one who got in the Device. Yuri maybe suicided but who knows now :roll:

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Guest football5699

I honestly think according to Pareidolia that her toys are controlling her especially when she says in Abracadavre "It's killing me to see I'm killing you."

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