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Guest MezzaTheZombie

Possible Zombies Ending

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Guest MezzaTheZombie


Is it just me but what if that picture on the comic is actually the temple being sucked into Aether by Samantha. OR . . . After Richtofen gets the golden rod and the focusing stone together he uses them to rip open a portal in space time to leave Shangri La. (I mean how else would they leave. There are no teleporters on the map.)

And if it is Samantha what if the very last map, (Not saying it's going to be MP4) , Was an Aether realm filled with parts of every level in Nazi Zombies, both WAW and BO. And the map will have a fight with both Samantha and every boss Zombie ever created and will contain every Wunder-weapon ever created. (Hold On I need to catch my breath.)

And in order to fight Samantha you must beat each boss on his own turf (Level area) which defeating the boss will give you a special drop.


Dogs = Max Ammo

Thief = Fire Sale

Cosmic Silverback = Permanent Drop (Room of Fate Reference)

Space Monkies = Perk Bottle

George Romero = Death Machine / Wunderwaffe DG-2

Napalm / Shreiker Zombies = ????

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Guest Tac

Ok, just a heads up, they aren't going into Aether, they are traveling into Agartha. Aether is all space from the moon and on, it's in the heavens. Agartha is inside the earth, which is where the city is going in the comic page.

And I love the idea of facing all the bosses, that would be epic.

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Guest uzi

all wonder weapons+all bosses+all maps... = heart attack...of excitement.

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Guest right_direct

we need to see the small girl!!!

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Guest ToxicFusion1

Could possibly be a future map.Since there's bound to be another CoD installment past MW3 and most of the zombie pieces have fallen where they have to,Treyarch needs to either expand the puzzle and add more pieces,or finish the puzzle once and for all.

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