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Guest Whirling Vortex

Idea for a zombies map

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Guest Whirling Vortex


Hey guys im a new member here and this is just a quick idea for a zombies map.

Name:Stadt der Toten (City of the Dead)

Special Traits:4 Power switches have to be activated for power.

The starting room would be in the middle of a crossroad with 4 lots of debris, each costing 750 points to open.

Through the north road there would be a shop, around the size of the first room of Nacht. There would be a counter at the far end with a power switch beside it on the left. On the right there would be the MP5K. There would be 3 windows dotted around the shop.

Through the east road there would be the entrance to a theatre, much like Kino. The switch for this building would be at the top of the stairs on the right. On the left there would be an AK74-U.

Through the south road there would be a large **** please report this topic, post ****, like a kitch you would find in a restraunt. There would be 4 rows of cookers, the width would be big enough to fit one player model down it at a time. At the far end of the **** please report this topic, post ****, where the desk is where the chef would give people there food is a power switch. To the left of this is a meat locker which costs 750 points to open. Inside is the Bowie Knife.

Through the west road is a dump. There would be a large path, 7 player models wide, winding through the dump for a short distance. At the end there would be an emergancy power generator which you pull to finnaly activate the power (NOTE:This power switch can only be activated if all of power switches have been activated) . There would be no weapons down this path.

All the street lights would then be on making it be much lighter and easier to see (before the power is on the map would be quite dark and the glow of the zombie eyes would be the best way to see them) this then reveals a large advertising board which has the location of the box on it. Like a scaled up version of the "box board" on kino. The box would then randomly spawn on the map along with the perk machines.

The new wonder weapon would be a spike gun, which could go through multiple zombies at once impaling them onto the wall.

What do you think for my first propper post? :D

PS. I realised I missed out alot of weapons, imagine the rest of the weapons are laid out like kino :)

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