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Guest KAOS_Shogun4489

A Post Full of Theories and Opinions!

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Guest KAOS_Shogun4489

[center:wiocmz1f]Alright, well, just finished the Shangri-La Easter Egg myself tonight, and have been reading people's opinions and whatnot on this thing, and thought I'd come up with my own theories on a few things:


Well, as we all know, our beloved Doctor has been gathering some items for the past few maps. As of the end of the Shangri-La EE, Richtofen has The Golden Rod from CotD and the Focusing Stone.

Now, originally I had thought Richtofen was building some kind of Portal Generator to go find Samantha and shake his angry little gloved fist at her, but after acquiring the Focus Stone, I started piecing something together;

If you listen to the radio at the bottom of the staircase at the end of the EE, Brock (our British Explorer whom you're helping the whole time in the EE) takes the "floating rock" off the Richtofen Shrine, and winds up traveling back in time to the beginning of Brock and Gary's adventure. So, it seems as if Richtofen's not looking to find a direct portal, but to focus his Teleporter, from Call of the Dead, to go back in time. To do what? Who knows....


I have no idea why people are linking an Arcade game boss to regular zombies. The Silverback wouldn't make all that great of a boss for regular zombies IMO, plus if I recall, no one's been doing any kind of zombie related research on Gorillas, and no, Ascension doesn't count, those monkeys were...well...monkeys. The closest thing to humans at the time without risking human life. So in my honest opinion, I wouldn't expect the Cosmic Silverback to make an appearance in any regular zombie map. Ever.


It won't happen in the next map pack, I doubt it's really gonna happen any time soon even. Yes, the other characters are suspicious of Richtofen and know he's up to something, but Richtofen has already recognized Tank, Nikolai and Takeo as his allies in his endeavor. Richtofen more than likely needs his test subjects (recall from CotD, Richtofen's been running some kinds of experiments on our other characters) to fulfill his final task.


I've heard some people still go on about the fact that they think CotD and Shangri-La come before most of the other maps.

That theory should be put to rest right now.

The biggest supporting theory I'm hearing is the character's clothing having changed. If you recall in Ascension, the only person with an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT OUTFIT is Richtofen, and he's not even wearing a "space" suit like most people claim. His suit looked more like a Haz-Mat suit, similar to the suits the characters wear in the Campaign when they're attacking Rebirth Island, only Richtofen's is a different color. So if this is the case, then Richtofen's clothes were more than likely in-tact the entire time he was at Ascension, all he had to do was slip out of his Haz-Mat suit before he left Ascension.

And if I recall, Richtofen had acquired a rather noticeable scar on his face, yes? He has the same scar in Shangri-La, hard not to notice it.

To add to my educated theory, someone else had mentioned this, but Nikolai makes a mention of "Taking a shower for the first time" when hit by a crawler, so they've obviously gotten cleaned up since Ascension. Or at least Nikolai has, Dempsy seems to likes his clothes dirty for some macholy awesome reason.

*******Playing as Takeo one night, I approached the Minecart and Takeo spoke the following: "Well..it's not a lunar lander, but it will do..." OBVIOUSLY, Ascension's already happened if Takeo remembers the Lunar Landars.********

*********To add to all this, if you've done the Easter Egg in CotD and load up Shangri-La and manage to play as Richtofen, he starts the game with The Golden Rod from CotD. THAT ALONE should prove that CotD is before Shangri-La AT THE VERY LEAST.

Plus, I've heard Tank make references to Ascension AND CotD at the Pack a Punch Machine: "Russian cosmodromes, Ancient Temples, being stuck in a dark closet with Richtofen...What an adventure..."********

So, to lay this theory to rest, the timeline of events thusfar should come as follows;

(Starting with when we get introduced to the characters)

Shi No Numa

Der Riese







- Our British explorer, Brock, may be connected to our story somehow. Playing as Takeo, I had finished step one of the easter egg, and upon completion, Takeo uttered "What once was is no more, but shall be again", which if you recall, Takeo says on Kino when you look at the blank portrait.

If this is the case, and Brock is connected to this thing somehow, perhaps Richtofen needs to find this "Agatha" or Ogotha or however it's spelled to help him in his huge endeavor. Here's why I bring this up;

Doing a Wikipedia Search on Agatha and Ogotha, since Brits have a habit of accenting A's and whatnot, I found two things that may be the link to our next stop in the Zombie Story:

Agatha turned up with Operation Agatha, a British Military Operation in 1946 taking place in Palestine (not exactly my first choice in majorness, but the link should be obvious between Brock and this choice)

(now this one caught my interest quite a bit)

Ogotha turned up ?gata, Akita, a small village located in Akita, Japan.

Now, why would a small Japanese Village raise someone's interests so much?

The NHK ?gata Transmitter is located in this village, which is used for Transmissions of 774 kHz and comes with a power of 500 kW. Perhaps this transmitter is a big key to something, to me it sounds Richtofen could use this to help him finish whatever it is he's building.

**Did another possible search on "Agartha", and turned up some interesting results:

Agartha turned up as a legendary city said to be in the Earth's core, related to a belief of a "Hollow Earth" and a popular subject among esotericism. This was the part that caught my interest, but Agartha is aparently frequently associated or confused for Shambala, AKA Shangri-La.


- Playing as Nikolai on solo, I recall buying quick revive for myself, and Nikolai saying "UGGHH, Vodka and Fish do NOT mix". If you recall from the CotD Radios, Richtofen states that the "Russian Test Subject" responded to stimuli mixed with Vodka.

You know what this means?

Our Perk-A-Cola machines must be representations of Richtofen's "stimuli" that he's been using in his tests.

- I don't know if the next map is gonna be the final map in our story, which I highly doubt it would seeing as Treyarch's CoD games are popular mostly for the zombie mode, but something WILL happen in the next map, wherever it happens to be located. If the pattern continues, story wise, on the next map, then in my opinion, Richtofen's going to inch that much closer to his final goal.

- We all know there's inner conflict between the German and our and our other 3 heroes, but something on the next map may finally break down between Takeo and Nikolai.

Playing as Dempsey on Solo, I remember hearing him start talking about them both at the Pack-A-Punch; "Something's about to give between Takeo and Nikolai. Those two have been goin' at each other for a while. I guess it all boils down to how much longer Takeo can get away with calling him Nicky" or something like that.

I'll update this as I find more things, but don't be afraid to discuss what you think here or share things you've found that I haven't.

**UPDATE, 7/5**

Added a quote from takeo in the Placement of Shangri-La in our Timeline of events

Added a research update, placed in the section about the British Explorer Brock.

**UPDATE, 7/5**

Added two more sets of quotes from the characters to the Placement of Shangri-La In Our Story.[/center:wiocmz1f]

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Guest Zombieofthedead

Great post, agree with pretty much everything. [brains]

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Guest DtN m0n3ysh0t

id give you brains but i dont know how :|

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Guest football5699

green thumb up in the top right of the post :D

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Guest HeadHunter

Great post! Can't wait for more :D [brains]

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Guest Tac

If you could post a picture of Richtofen's scar on Shangri-La, it's be much appreciated.

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Guest KAOS_Shogun4489

I'll do my best on the picture but no promises lol

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Guest uzi

Read it all, and I can say that there is not 1 thing I can argue here.

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Guest KAOS_Shogun4489

lol thanks for all the positive comments guys. I'm still trying to get a pic of Richtofen's scar but I've finally wound up playing as him myself every time i've been online lately.

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