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Guest Tac

In-Depth Overview of the Entire Project Wunderwaffe

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Guest Tac

This is all information straight from the campaign intel. I extend upon some of it by adding pictures and other research I have found. Please inform me if any of the pictures do not show up.

Uranium Club: A German nuclear energy project whose purpose was to weaponize nuclear fission technology.


Aggregate Rocket Series: With a particular emphasis on the A9-A12 models, all of which were designed for the purpose of transporting heavy loads (i.e. satellites) into low Earth orbit. Of particular note is the A4 (later reclassified as the V-2 rocket), the most successful of the Aggregate series and the first projectile to reach space. Hans Kammler was the overseer of the V-2 rocket construction. He was originally a civil engineer until the SS called for him.


DFS 228 & 346: Rocket-propelled aircraft that would culminate in the development of a supersonic reconnaissance planes.


Rocket U-Boat: A submarine designed to carry and shoot ballistic missiles.


Extreme Tank: With a focus on the pre-prototype super-heavy Landkreuzer P 1500 Monster, a 1,000-ton tank that would act as a transport for the 800mm Schwerer Gustav artillery gun.


Die Glocke: An anti-gravity propulsion system. According to a low-level research assistant at Der Riese, he claims he saw a "mirrored device that allowed the viewing of images from the past." It would have two rotating cylinders filled with Element 115.


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Guest Atrophical

I lost you, is this about the Wunderwaffes or the whole of der riese? Wunderwaffe is Wonder Weapon in german, so im not sure if some of these qualify. Still a good post [brains]

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Guest Tac

This was in-game intel that says all of this was in the Project. I was kind of surprised they didn't talk about anything else, but this was all it covered.

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