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Guest DeckchairsFTW

A possible link between NDU and Shangri La?

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Guest DeckchairsFTW

I was reading about the book 'Lost Horizon' by James Hilton, and within the plotline there is a small link between NDU and Shangri La. I will make this clearer in just a minute.

'Lost Horizon' is a Novel by James Hilton, it contains the first mention of the place Shangri La, which as we know is the next Zombies map. Within the Wikipedia article on 'Lost Horizon' i found this:

In May 1931, during the British Raj in India, the 80 white residents of Baskul are being evacuated to Peshawar, owing to a revolution. In the airplane of the Maharajah of Chandrapore are Conway, the British consul, age 37; Mallinson, his young vice-consul; an American, Barnard; and a British missionary, Miss Brinklow. The plane is hijacked and flown instead over the mountains to Tibet. After a crash landing, the pilot dies, but not before telling the four (in Chinese, which Conway knows) to seek shelter at the nearby lamasery of Shangri-La. The location is unclear, but Conway believes the plane has "progressed far beyond the western range of the Himalayas towards the less known heights of the Kuen-Lun" (i.e. Kunlun).

Ring any bells with anyone?

A crashed plane in the middle of no-where with only four survivors, seeking refuge in a small, unknown place of shelter. Of course, NDU is a twisted, zombified version of events, but still, could this book not only be the inspiration for the newest map, but also partially for the storyline of the first?

I hope that people can take something from this, maybe even form ideas from it, in no means is it a complete theory, merely scraps of information, but it might hold something.

One other thing, the inspiration for Shangri La in 'Lost Horizons' is a mountain range in southwest China, so travelling to Germany from Japan, accross China is not entirely implausible.

The Deckchairs Have folded.

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Guest Zombieofthedead

Wow... interesting, and kind of ironic. I think it may have been coincidence, but who knows?

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Guest DeckchairsFTW

Honestly, it does look that way, but then there are loads of coincidences within the storyline, maybe little Real Life easter eggs that Treyarch want us to see, almost like a real life treasure hunt!

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Guest Tac

The only connections I see is that a plane crashed, and it's incredibly loose as it says it crashed IN Shangri-La. Personally I see no link, but IDK.

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