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Guest Monopoly Mac

Richtofen's Dream

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Guest Monopoly Mac

Doctor Edward Richtofen. Servant of the Illuminati. Assistant to Dr.Maxis. And as shown in game a bit of a pervert. Storyline wise it seems he had followed everyone and was simply a lapdop. However as the story progressed it is obvious Edward has developed his own ambitions and at this point he will kill or betray anything in the way... of his dream.

Once Edward killed Maxis we know all hell broke loose in the facility. Richtofen obviously had to flee somewhere. Whether he made a pit stop or no we don't know but we do know eventually he came to Shi No Numa. You can activate a creepy laugh if you hold X on a bookcase in the Doctors Quarters. That makes me think that once he came he slowly broke his mind and wrote books. Thats just a theory. Fast forward and the rest of the crew comes and Richtofen kills the zombies with them and eventually finds a teleporter to Der Riese. Here they once again attempt to survive the never ending hordes of zombies. It is here they accidentally time travel to the future.

The Discovery

As heard in the radio message when you start Kino Der Toten, he wonders several things. What were the real goals of Group 935 and where did the little girl disappear to. The answer to both of these is Aether. I haven't figured it out yet but there is something special about the screen in that theatre because of the writing "Aether Projectionist" and the blue generator inside it. My idea is that 935 figured out where the dogs go after they teleport and they were trying to research it more. In this map Edward learns the same and his Dream materializes. He discovers where Samantha went and what 935 tried to do.

Final Plan

In Ascension Dr.R finds the Gersch Device and loves the idea of this portable teleporter. At the same time he feels sad that they did not figure out how to make you know where you were going. Of course Edward will fix this.

I don't know how they came to the door behind the lighthouse but at this point Richtofen knows the plan and nothing can stop him from achieving it because of his insanity. He retrieves the Vril Generator, which is the power source for the V-R11. The gun that can rehumanize any zombie... Now he has the raw power of it in his hands.

"Just one more piece and the world can be mine!" - Call of the Dead, Richtofen.

"I'll control the world one person at a time!" -Not Ready to Die Lyric. Most likely from Doctors point of view.

Isn't it obvious? Edward Richtofen wants to make his way into the Aether Realm with the help of the Gersch Device and use Vril to rehuman Samantha and make him the Aether King. While Samantha simply wants to destroy anyone using 115, Edward will use his position to take over the world. Zombifying and controlling every person one at a time. But he only needs one more piece.

*Just to let all of you know, most if not everything I have said in this thread has evidence and quotes to back it up*

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Guest football5699

Very nice points. It is almost scary the potential of Richtofen.

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