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Guest racerten

COTD Easter Egg Guide

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Guest racerten

After seeing the new Subforums I thought it would be useful to repost and edit a guide on how to do the Easter Egg on COTD with multiple people.

Step 1: Go to the vault and listen to what the crew has to say

Step 2: 2: Find the fuse on the floor above the vault. It has a few spawns in this room; on either table or the shelf.

Step 3: Go back down stairs and insert the fuse into the control panel to the right of the vault.

Step 4: You now need to destroy 4 Generators

These are located:

  • Right in front of the vault door

  • On the side of the bridge between the starting area and second half of the boat

  • Double tap, off the side of the ship

  • Stamin up, outside the window


Step 5: Go back to the vault and listen to what the crew has to say again

Step 6: You have to get the vodka bottle now. It spawns at three locations and requires two or more people to get it. One player hits it with a knife while the other goes beneath it and catches it while it falls.

Possible Locations are:

  • On the railing to the right of the first staircase leading to the power room

  • On the side of the broken section of the ship that connects both pieces together

  • On the railing above the Phd flopper room


Step 7: Go back to the vault and insert the vodka bottle in the tube to the left of the vault door.

Step 8: You now need to turn the lighthouse dials to 2746 from top to bottom. A thread was posted were someone made a program to calculate the number of turns to reach 2746.


Step 9: Radios with the morse code "vril" in this order
  • Ship control near box spawn

  • Stamin up hut

  • Ship by end of zip

  • Hero's door room


Step 10: Go to the power room were there is a wheel opposite the power switch. Turn it so that the black handle is facing 5'o clock. Then right next to the wheel is a console with three levers on it, pull the first one once then the last one three times.

Step 11: Fog horns -The submarine appears once per round. If you hit the foghorn combination wrong, then it disappears. The order of the foghorns is:
  • First - In the icy water to the left of the bridge that leads to the Juggernaut ship

  • Second - Closest one to speedcola in the water after exiting the ice tunnel

  • Third - Closest one to the ak47u entrance of the lighthouse

  • Fourth - Behind the large rock near the ledge where you drop down to the first foghorn



A green light will appear from the the lighthouse and point towards a submarine in the ocean.

Step 12: You need a VR-11. Go to the very bottom of the lighthouse and fire it at a zombie. The guy will get sucked up the green light all the way to the top of the lighthouse. As he is getting sucked up you must kill him before he reaches the top. Guns that deal a lot of damage are advised such as Scavenger, Ray gun and PAP'ed guns. After he is dead the GOLDEN ROD will appear at the bottom of the lighthouse inside the green beam.

Step 13: Go back to that tube to the left of the vault door and insert the GOLDEN ROD.

Step 14: 15: Knife the fuse after the cartoon noises.

Credit to Tom852 for the dial algorithm and Speedmetal890 for the basic layout of the guide.

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Guest Samantha Maxis

Woah nice guide!

Did you make it all yourself?

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Guest Phillips455

Just a little help here:

On Step 6,7,8,9,11 make the head line red and say that these steps are not needed on single player/solo version of cotd.

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Guest nhcre8tv1

There's also a spawn in the corner of the next to the grey metal cabinet on the floor to the right of flopper.

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Guest mkzombens

Just a little help here:

On Step 6,7,8,9,11 make the head line red and say that these steps are not needed on single player/solo version of cotd.


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