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Guest AlphaSnake

GK Nova Bio Container Found On Radiation MP Map

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Guest AlphaSnake

As the title says, here it is, the Russia translates to GK Nova:


?K Ho?a = GK Nova


So it is a bio containment unit...

Hmm, this is looking good for a future zombie map.

Could the Manhattan Down reference be located on the map known as Radiation:

Radiation Link.


Could this be converted into an American based facility? Could this be the Infamous Uranverein (Uranium Club) location?

Think about how the map contains two traps already, the button that activates the trap doors in the center and the conveyor belt of doom...

Not to mention that Radiation is a Uranium processing plant. 8-)

I would still be happy if it was done as a Russian map. But this idea fits so well with the GK Nova6 transmissions on Uranium atom spliting, with the GK Nova container is even more evidence that Treyarch have bigger plans for this map.


Hope this hasn't been posted before, I did a quick search but came up empty, so here this thread is.

Enjoy, let me know what you lot are thinking about this.

Regards Snake.

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Guest Strwrsbob

Nice find!

+1 rep as always snake! :D

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Guest AlphaSnake

Why thank you both.

I aim to please. ;)

Regards Snake.

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Guest Phillips455


i wonder if this has any revelance to zombies....

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Guest AlphaSnake

Haha, I wonder...

Has anyone noticed how Radiation & Vorkuta look very similiar:



Hmm, could this some how be linked to Reznov? Why do they call him the wolf then?

Seems he has something in common with one Frank Woods...

Could Reznov & Woods be members of the 115 Werewolves zombie killers?



This all seems to fit together somehow...

Reznov was with Mason (In his head in the main campaign) which would mean that it is not impossible for Reznov to be alive, I think they recruited him over to the US, and made him vanish from the face of the Earth, like a true ghost.

Reznov has a zombie chapter with Mason in Vorkuta, then later rescues Frank from the Hanoi Hilton with Mason & Weaver... We have our four werewolves right here...

After rescuing Frank they have another mission, wipe out the zombie outbreak from the downed Nova transport...

Regards Alpha.

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Guest keyzersoze88


Wow. :shock: I'm processing and recovering but will contribute tomorrow.

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Guest hungry carr0t

i think we need to understand.

the whole main character's as zombie characters, is not gonna happen, ever.

having to re-hire big named actors cost's alot of money, and alot of time.

also, its just crazy, i think we can put it to rest.

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Guest AlphaSnake

Whats to say they need to rehire the big stars? Maybe they already did the script fro furture maps.

Just as a side note, when Micheal J Fox was doing Back To The Future, he actually filmed them all at the same time, the producers did this to save money & having to getting the whole crew back together...

It wouldn't surprise me if Treyarch did the same thing...

That 115 Tattoo isn't going anywhere & it has to be related to zombies, why else would he have that tattoo...

Once this next map pack is out, it may offer us some new clues...

All I'll say is how often do I post complete Bulls**t? I'm not saying I'm right 100% of the time because I'm not... But you have to admit that my aim is getting better all the time.

Regards Alpha.

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Guest Magna

Yeah no one can be 100% right, and i think everyone is improving. Your other thread has helped me with my Paradox theory plus I've been looking at the date and times for each map to put things into perspective. So thanks.

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Guest AlphaSnake

Indeed if Treyarch can hire four Hollywood actors as our new heros, why can't they do this...

Plus I also found these containers on WMD... ;)

There are more in the MP levels to find.

Regards Alpha.

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