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Guest Alsomdude2

Holly crap good find. But i dont think it belongs in the Black Ops section.

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Guest AlphaSnake

Yes, I have had this thought as well.

I posted the other day how through the likes of operation paper clip the Nazis were brought to American. Aparently we are to believe this was the Americans idea to steal Nazi technology and research.

However, it could be possiable that this was all planned by the Nazi themselves, they were infiltrators that were to blend in and then when the dust had settled would start to take over from within.

People have said it before, America could easily become the 4th Reich.

Don't want to scare anyone, but if you find this interesting try searching for the film "Freedom to Fascism."

For the Lazy ones:-

Freedom to Fascism

Beware it's a long film.

Regards Snake.

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Guest AlphaSnake

Check this vid out from the film "Outpost" I believe:-

Nazi Super Soldiers/Zombies

Also check this one out:-

Hitler Faked His Death & Escaped To Antartica AKA Neuschwabenland

This theme reminds me of the film "Hellboy", as the main characters discuss how Hitler survived WWII and start a new war known as the "Occult Wars" which ended with Hitlers death in 1965.

Plenty of stuff here for Treyarch to play with.

Regards Snake.

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