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Guest AlphaSnake

GKNOVA 6 Linked To Der Riese

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Guest AlphaSnake

[center:2t75h270]Transmission 2

Here is the second GKNOVA6 transmission. The code says...

On the Lower Rhine and in Westphalia, he commanded for the League... 8-)


Back to the Der Riese chalkboard where you can see Schwarze Sonne.

From Wiki on the schwarze Sonne:-


Schwarze Sonne - black sun, Nazi Occult symbol, technology, weapon, black magic rituals.


The shape of the symbol as it is used within Germanic mysticist esotericism and Neo-Nazism today is based primarily on the design of a floor mosaic at the castle of Wewelsburg (built 1603), a Renaissance castle located in the northwest of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


We arrive at Wewelsburg Castle. It is shaped like a triangle, a yellow-stone structure with two towers topped by bell-like domes and one wider fortified tower, sitting on a hill overlooking fields spreading towards the airport. There are leaded windows with curtains drawn inside, dark dirt stains spreading across the yellow-stone walls from gutters, thin sprinklings of snow on the northern faces of the bell towers, plus a definite sense of menace.

Kirsten, my guide, is a bright-eyed thirtysomething, with trendy dark-framed glasses, a multicoloured scarf, red jumper, and bright red lipstick.

We enter the guard house museum, a two-storey stone building with an aubergine tiled roof. Inside, schoolchildren are being shown round a series of displays explaining the freakish plans Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, had in mind at Wewelsburg. There’s a grainy black and white picture of Himmler taken at the castle, with his pudgy gerbil face, glasses, thin moustache and double chin.

"He wanted to make Wewelsburg the centre of the SS world," says Kirsten, as we pause by a sturdy medieval-looking chair whose leather back is inscribed with a jagged 'SS'. "He had a plan for a huge ring of buildings on the slopes above the castle. We don’t know exactly what he wanted to do with them. But it appears he wanted to make the north tower of the castle into an SS shrine of some sort. Where people could remember the SS dead. It would be at the centre of a new SS village. This would be where the Germanic elite group would live. Himmler wanted to create the cult of ideology here."

The architect’s plans, on a large yellowing piece of paper, are in a glass cabinet. They show the castle’s isosceles triangle shape, which the architect extended outwards into a large semi-circular structure that would have curved around the castle like some kind of Roman encampment.

Not shown on the plans is Wewelsburg’s concentration camp, on a plot of land just to the east of the castle, where it is believed 1,285 (possibly more) people died. "There were 3,900 prisoners. Some were Jewish, and there were German and Russian prisoners as well," says a subdued Kirsten. "It was a small concentration camp, but there were a lot of dead people. There were very bad conditions. Even worse than at some other camps. The SS did a lot of torture. And prisoners had to work long hours in the quarries."

Kirsten tells me that the castle was camouflaged during the war, but in 1945 the SS tried to blow it up, to prevent the Allies taking it. Himmler had collected a lot of valuables in the occupied territories, which he tried, with some success, to hide. After the war, the camp was turned into temporary accommodation for Germans who had left land reallocated to Poland - conceivably people moved from Szczecin - as well as villagers who had "given their land and homes to the SS and got bigger ones in occupied territories", but who returned as refugees.

We stop at a cabinet with a copy of an SS "death head" ring ("most real ones were taken by American troops… it’s easier to find originals in America than here"), an SS belt buckle with the phrase "My honour is my faith" written on it in German, and a copy of a letter written by Himmler signed off with "Heil Hitler!"

The crypt at the base of the north tower is one spooky place. We walk down a snow-trampled path, open a big metal door, and descend a few steps to a door of iron bars. Kirsten reaches into her pocket, pulls out a bunch of keys and opens the cage-door. We enter a damp circular room, with a central pit and a swastika engraved in ochre stone in the ceiling. We step into the echoing chamber.

"Normally tours can’t come into the crypt," says Kirsten. "We are a little afraid of what might happen." What do you mean, I ask. "Well, people from the right scene – neo Nazis – might come for celebrations or for demonstrations. There are some neo Nazis who come here – every weekend you get a few. You get four or five each day at the weekend – out of 200 or so visitors. Some of them have shaved heads – but you can generally spot them. Many ask to go in the crypt – which we will allow if people ask permission in advance. The neo Nazis that come here see it as a cult place. We will do special guided tours, but before we show them this place, they have to learn about the concentration camps first. They don’t cause any trouble. They know that if they did, they would not be able to see these rooms."

Kirsten gestures for me to step in the middle of the pit, with the swastika directly above me. "Say something," she says. And I do. It’s very, very strange. It’s also very, very disconcerting. It feels as though my voice is being swallowed up by the building, like it’s disappearing straight upwards into the small air vents surrounding the swastika. I don’t like to think that Himmler and, quite possibly Hitler, once stood here, experiencing the same sensation.

Upstairs is the "representation hall" or Hall of Supreme Leaders - another neo-Nazi haunt. The room is again protected by a cage-door, although entry will be granted if you ask ahead. The SS, apparently, regarded this as the centre of the world – and in the centre of the room, cut in green and black marble on the floor, is a symbol with 12 jagged arms branching off a black circle.

This symbol is very important to neo-Nazis. It is their symbol. It’s called the ‘black sun’ these days. The esoteric groups, they want to see it. This room and the crypt only survived because the man who was told to blow up the castle at the end of the war did not destroy the north tower. He didn’t know why he’d been asked to destroy the castle, so he just put dynamite in the other two towers,” says Kirsten, still wrapped in her scarf, peering out of her trendy dark-framed glasses. We stare at the symbol for a while and head out. The tour is over. I thank Kirsten. That was how a tour should be: no information overload, just stories and straightforward answers - about a very un-straightforward past.



Regards Snake.

P.s. Some early speculation on this find:-

On the Lower Rhine and in Westphalia, he (Edward Richtofen) commanded for the League (Illuminati)

Nova = element Ununpentium 115 think about it!!!

GK connection to the Nazis here:-


This clipping is from Doc3 in the live drop.

They refer to a German chemical factory, and how they were so advanced (In one of the emails), massive indications here for WonderWaffles, Ununpentium 115 & Xerum 525 maybe GK found documents & samples left over from the Giant Project, or maybe GK has been involved from the very beginning, making the original chemicals & materials for the Giant Project.

Der Riese was a vast operation, surely somethings had to be outsourced, not everything can be produced on site. What does that mean then? A paper trail!!! Documents, diagrams, schematics, diaries etc etc...

What do you think? ;)[/center:2t75h270]

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Guest AlphaSnake


Top right hand corner, the Symbol. ITS PHI, THE GOLDEN RATIO IS IN GKNOVA6.


Read my thread on the Golden ratio for more info on Phi and the Golden ratio:-

The Golden Ratio

Also the clips of JFK remind me of this:-

JFK on Secret Societies

Especially with the Illuminati involvement.

Regards Snake.

Right, I'm going to bed. ;)[/center:x3poc6ou]

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Guest Korima

Hmmmm..... VERY nice find! This seems to also fit into Richtofen's theory on the Blackopsforum...

Since it would mean that this "GK" Company could be whare the Illuminati could have been meeting with they're inside-men in the Nazis. This could be where they got Group 935's research from Richtofen... before being caught and becoming affiliated with the Nazis.... hm....

I believe I may have discovered the true answer to this. Let's start from the beginning...

We know what Dr. Richtofan is a part of the illuminati. It can be guessed from the quotes he has said on Shi No Numa when revived or when witnessing Nikolai kill zombies. Further evidence of this is his ability to read the illuminati notes found in Der Riese. He was ordered to kill Maxwell, and did so.

So... Taking this into thought we turn to the final trailer for Map Pack 3:

It shows Nikolai and Dempsey dying. And that leaves us with only Takeo and Richtofan. So, Could it be that Richtofan lead the four back to Der Riese to kill the Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo because they knew too much as well as to pick up the rest of Group 935's research FOR the illuminati?

Now... Let's go to the Viral Campaign for Black Ops...

The poster had a phone number that plays a little jingle when called... That Jingle is VERY similar to the tune you hear on the iPhone version of Shi No Numa, when activating the three radios. (if you activate 2 out 3, listen to the static). Also, on the viral site, GKNOVA6, there appears to be a man on a respirator looking at multiple screens... Scientific screens... Could it be that within the 30 years between the game, Richtofan suffered an injury at Der Riese and is stuck on a respirator due to his age and the injury?

I see Group 935 being replaced with the illuminati...

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Guest Camo Wildcat

nice find once again. the golden ratio seems to be a recurring theme in black ops....

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Guest kenn

Great info! i rarely see such a nice find like this 8-) cool!

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Guest oggethealmighty

wow!! good researching bro brains for you!

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Guest AlphaSnake

Why thank you, it was my pleasure.

I'm dying to see how/if my ideas stand up to what happens in Black Ops now that it is released.

I'm hoping to see a map on the Rhine.... Crosses fingers & toes...

Hmmm, the JFK bit always make me smile, I knew he would get involved somehow...

Now we know exactly how he gets involved... :lol:

J2F2K... ARRROOOO FLESHBAGS.... Can you say Five... :lol:

Regards Snake. 8-)

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