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Glitching into wall on Town

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Today i was playing town survival on solo and in 2 different games the same thing happened to me in back to back games that being i somehow glitched into the wall. In both games i was running figure 8 rape train near the M14 and stamin-up when it happened i was running backwards while facing the zombies and shooting at them while backing up to the door for the bank(which i keep closed during the entire game)and all of a sudden my character crouched down as if i pushed B and i couldn't move after that. The first game was the first time this has ever happened to me and i fell under the map after i was slapped and killed by zombies at round the 10.. 2nd time it happened at round 38 i just ended the game before i went down because i knew it happened again after i crouched down again and couldn't move with a hoarde or zombies coming at me. Both times this happened in the same exact spot!!! I usually play survival(solo) town majority of the time and have NEVER seen this happen before idk if that patch the other day had something to do with it or not because this is prob the 1st time i played town with the intention of getting to a high round since the patch. I have no way of uploading a video onto youtube or anything like that but i edited the videos down to the end of the game on Edited Films for my gamertag (xbl:pinnedurass123).. if this is a glitch that has been posted before i'm sorry i looked through like the first 15pages of post and didn't find nothing so i am guessing its either new or no one has really experienced this too often.

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Hm, peculiar glitch indeed. Was this in the very same spot near the bank? Perhaps the animation of backing up alongside another event could have caused your character to clip into the wall. This usually occurs when there is massive lag, but since you're playing on Solo, connection is not the case.

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Yes the glitch happened in both games at the same Exact spot once my back touched the door of the bank (near the diesel) my character took a knee and it was basically gameover ive run this train almost daily and never had this happen until today.Good portion of the time i just play custom games till about round 25(1000 kills) and end the game to help my stats and get my zombie fix.. so if this is something that has been around a while i would have to guess ive just been lucky until this point but since it happened in back to back games it makes me wonder if its related to the patch .

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