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NukeTown, TranZit, and the "New Cargo." Theory.

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Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the forum. Well, I actually just made this account to share my theory in all of this. I haven't been a die-hard Zombies story-line fan for long, but have gotten more and more interested in it recently and with the mysteries of TranZit and NukeTown Zombies, it's been making me wonder.

So my theory is that there IS an Easter egg on NukeTown Zombies (Which is a popular idea.)

The Easter Egg releases Marlton from the bunker, but not out to the NukeTown map, it actually releases him underground towards possibly Green Run/TranZit?

You can hear the bus horn from TranZit on NukeTown Zombies because TranZit's locations are across the lake/land from NukeTown, but the time frame takes place before the events of TranZit. Also, it's possible that the bus was supposed to tour towards NukeTown, but the road was blocked off as many people noticed in TranZit when the driver says something about "Navigation error."

-- This all ties in with the GPS/locations given on TranZit at the farm when you turn on the television. You can hear radio transmissions of people asking for survivors and stating that their location is xx, xx, etc.. I can't remember. But when you look up the actual coordinates on Google, it points to the Nuke testing sites in Nevada. When you place a Tac Insert on NukeTown, it shows the same coordinates as given in that television/radio transmission. Therefore the bus can be heard possibly because it's close and the horn is quite loud, it's probably across from NukeTown, or it's passing by NukeTown which later gets blocked off from the original route as stated above.

With the release of the audio rips from the game, there was one in which Maxis states "It seems new cargo is aboard and needs to be delivered." Also one which has him saying something like "We'll revisit this place, such a beautiful place."

My theory on this is that the Easter Egg does continue somehow, and when it does, of course, you get some sort of cargo. The cargo may contain equipment, money, souls, etc to help Maxis rebuild humanity. And revisiting the place? That's where my theory that there IS a B/Night bus that can somehow spawn. When doing the EE, whatever it is, the cargo will be aboard the B bus and possibly Maxis's soul and as he leaves, he says that quote about "Revisiting the place" or something.

Again, this is all just theory, no way tested as I believe many people have tested the most difficult and crazy ways to get further.

It might possibly be released with the DLC, which in my opinion is sort of a bummer that we'd have to wait, especially for us PS3 folks, but is also a bummer in the sense that people who DON'T download/buy DLCs will never get to finish the story themselves. However, it will be cool to see them add new features with the DLC, meaning the story really isn't obsolete at this point.

There's also a lot more I'd want to get into such as the "Stop RUS" looking sign, what NavCards can do, how they could work, the church, the bell, and such, but at this point, I believe everyone is confused as much as I am on those subjects.

One note I do want to point out is while everyone is trying their best to find even the smallest clue, some people, in my humble opinion, are taking things way out of proportion. They're kind of creating their own world by connecting the smallest details.

I saw somewhere that some guy made all these random connections based on NGTZombies' video about the Aztec god and the word "Uhtli" with the comment "Uhtli means grand child in morpheme. Morpheme is semantic. Semantic is a Greek word for meaning".

I'm not trying to shoot theorists down, but to me, I don't believe 3Arc would go that far and that deep. I mean, their Easter Eggs are deep, especially Moon, but they've never gotten into foreign translations and definitions.

Hope my theory isn't a revised one of many people's and hope you guys can give me feed-back!

Please don't flame me :(.

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Also, with the symbols at the bottom of the NukeTown Zombies map.

The Bike, 3Arc, Atom, Nuke, Loading screen, we know that the bike can be shot down and the atom symbol can be seen on the Ray Gun.

Maybe we somehow give these parts to Marlton in which he uses the Bike to generate energy and create something? (Now I'm feeling like one of those guys who connect small things and create random ideas.) But hey, the bike is what throws me off the most.

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I'm a PSN user, so I have yet to try Nuketown Zombies (Didnt preorder), but will try it once PSN is done with maintenence.

I have a new theory however.

The symbols are:

Bike, 3Arc, Atom, Nuke, Load/Process..?

We know we can shoot the bike down.

The 3Arc is referenced by the "Trinity Ave" street sign.

Maybe having the clock on 3, the counter on 33, and shooting the generator that has the 3Arc symbol or the clock itself will do something.

Atom? The Ray gun has the atom synbol, so maybe Ray Gun x2? Use that to shoot the generator or clock..?

Nuke can mean shoot into the nuke cloud or get the nuke power up..

And the last, I have no idea.

Sorry for the spam, but yeah, hoping someone can spend time on this as I cant until Sony gets their crap together, haha.

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