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Black Ops could continue on! (Theory)


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Hey everyone!

I have just finished & looked at both story endings (the main ones at the end, odds are there are more but I haven't gotten around to it yet). There is still a possibility for the story to go on and I think this could well work.

The follow WILL contain spoilers from both ends of the story (the endings basically) so if you don't want to look then don't :D With that I will go on:

As I said above I've completed both main sides to the campaign story, one being Alex Mason is dead, Woods is dead and Menendez sets fire to himself.

The other being Alex is alive, Woods is alive but Menendez is still dead. There are bound to be more endings (IMO) but based on the ending where we shoot Menendez in the head at the end of the game. A viral video gets posted onto Youtube that is set to be released on his assassination. In short Cordis Die wants to take revenge, go out and destroy everything, riots are breaking out and one of Americas greatest landmarks are set on fire. 2025 Cordis Die will get their revenge.

If we go by the second story ending (where we capture Menendez, he breaks out, kills Woods and sets fire to himself) is there the possibility that another video (or the same one) is released as a result. We were hinted in the Villian Trailer within Black Ops II that Menendez uses Youtube to speak out to his audience so there is the possibility of a video being released to tell them what America has done or what has lead to Menendez taking his own life, so another video is released telling Cordis Die to avenge him. Either way both endings could result in the exact same outcome, Cordis Die is out to take control of the world and will attempt to avenge their savior.

With this in mind, can the Black Ops series continue? We may not even have the same characters but whatever happens we still have Section (David Mason) alive out of all outcomes so can it?

I still haven't experimented with other endings (such as what happens if I shoot Menendez but shoot Mason in the head?). But what do you guys think?

Thank you for reading!

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