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The Aftermath of War Chapter 4-6 UPDATES


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I have decided to return to the story making that was so near and dear to me in the Spring. My first edition, The Price of War, was so much fun and with Black Ops 2 more than likely taking place in an aftermath role of Moon, I have decided to do the same. This is going to be hard because, quite frankly, its like writing a sequel to The Departed (get it? :lol: )

I think that I will have enough to do this and it could kinda be like what my fantasy for a zombie sequel could be when this storyline ends MOST LIKELY with Black Ops 2. If you haven't read the "prequel" of sorts to this story be sure to read it first. The link is in my Signature. Enjoy :D


The fragments of the meteor started to disintegrate once it entered the atmosphere but it was too late. The apocalypse had begun and certain events were being rewritten all over again. The survivors of the giant meteoric explosion developed a legend that it came from the Moon because they thought they saw an explosion there first....Others just figured they were unlucky. Little did they know about all the events that was going on behind their backs all along and how all the actions that had to do with the events on the Moon were in vain all along. The meteor crashed almost like a world with the zombies was always destined to be. It's a shame one particular person thought he could outsmart the other but it turns out, he forgot one big detail. The zombies always win. Then again, someone must be controlling them....right?


As you can see I tried to stay a little spoiler free although I honestly hope you checked out the other story first.

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Chapter 1 - Mixed Signals

"...And then this psychotic doctor tried to be this, this god to all the zombies."

"Man, you are the psychotic one."

Bruce was sitting around the fire trying to convince his pals Rick, Jack, Gino, and Louis about an urban legend he had heard of. They all didn't believe his preposterous story.

"It's all true," Bruce reiterated. "I heard all of this from a very wise man."

Louis had enough of the nonsense. "I'm sure that man was a psychopath too. I'm sure you probably saw a piece of paper on the ground and thought it was true."

Bruce suddenly looked at him very suspiciously.

"What?" Louis shrugged.

Just as Bruce was about to say anything, one of the booby traps were set off.

"Shit, what was that?" Rick yelled.

"I don't know. Get your gear we are moving out to check the situation," Bruce commanded.

They moved out of their tent and into the barren landscape. Buildings had been leveled from the impact and trees were barely starting to grow again. In the 66 years since the meteoric impact, more and more zombies were traversing the landscape.

"I see one," Gino informed.

One was limping along towards them. It had the bamboo trap piece sticking out of its arm.

"Rick, are you ever going to get the angle right? You always have to aim for the head!" Gino teased.

"Don't worry," Louis said as he took the zombie down with a perfect headshot with a very sleek, classic M1 Carbine. "I'll always have you covered. I know more than you about them anyway."

"Oh really big shot? Who controls these zombies anyway then?" Bruce was getting a little defensive.

"I hear this little girl does."

Bruce looked at him weirdly again.

"Is something on my face or something. What's wrong?" Louis was getting impatient now.

Rick broke the silence by joking, "Does this girl play ring-around-the-rosie too?"

"Something like that," Louis said. Something very close to that.

"Hey Louis," Gino said. "Where did you get the M1 Carbine anyway?"

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Chapter 2 - The Journey Onward

The gang decided it wasn't safe to hang around anymore so they packed up their things and left. They couldn't really tell where they were on the map anymore because Earth isn't really how it used to look.

"Hey Louis," Bruce said. "You want to elaborate about this little girl?"

"Sure," Louis replied. "I heard she was the daughter of a doctor...Doctor Ludwig Maxis."

"I thought his name was Edward Richtof..Rictof..Richtofen? His name is pronounced weird."

"Quiet you fool! His name was Ludwig Maxis. Enough of your crazy stories from the camfire."

"So how did the girl end up in control?" Rick asked.

"I heard someone shot her!" Bruce yelled.

"You are wrong again Louis reassured. "Someone shot a doctor and that made her snap and she became controller of the zombies through the Aether Dimension."

"Where was one of the gateways?"

"The Moon had one."

"Wait is that what exploded then from the moon?"

"Probably," Louis answered.

I hope,Bruce thought. I could have this untold power.

Now where are the other stations,Louis thought simultaneously.

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Chapter 3 - The "Desert" Tundra

It was hard at this point for the gang to really figure out what city, region, or even country they were in. They tried to remember where they were compared to before the Earth was nearly obliterated but they still could only narrow down the new location to somewhere near the border of Europe or Asia. Landmarks, signs, everything had been completely leveled.

"Do you think there are more survivors out there?" Jacks asked the group.

"There has to be," Gino replied. "The blast was centralized over the United States but fragments broke up in the atmosphere and wiped out these areas also."

"Those were some pretty big fragments then," Jack joked.

All of a sudden, very faint moans were audible.

This can't be the place...Bruce and Louis thought simulataneously.

They stumbled across a gigantic spotlight dug halfway into the ground.

"This looks like it was from...a lighthouse," Jack said in awe.

He looked around at the barren landscape. Bruce and Louis' eyes widened.

"Let's keep exploring," Louis impatiently said.

They continued on and found their first undead friend in the area.

"I got it," Gino called out.

All of a sudden the ground started to slowly rumble. They started to hear a very faint laughter coming from a very odd place.

"Is that coming from...the ground?" Gino asked confusingly.

This is it! Louis thought. "Shoot the zombie!!! Quickly!!"


As Gino asked, the zombie started barreling towards him.

"Shoot it!" Louis screamed.

It now started to glow with electricity. After 3 shots, Gino shot it between the eyes. Bruce was watching Louis' behavior very closely as of late and this was very supsicious.

InterestingBruce thought. He knows where we are too.

Rick, Jack and Gino were still in shock of how the zombie reacted to the mysterious laughter and suddenly was glowing with electricity.

"How could that zombie spark like that when there hasn't been electricity in years?" Rick said.

"We just need to leave as soon as possible before it happens again." Bruce reassured.

They continuted on and Rick tripped on something peculiar.

"Is that a..body?"

"Oh god not another zombie," Jack said.

"No, no. It looks like it could've reanimated but didn't because of this." Louis flipped over the body and revealed the bullet hole in the back of its brain. "There was no brain intact which is why it didn't reanimate."

"Bruce," Louis continued, "What happened before the so called 'doctor' tried to control them all? How did he get the materials?"

"From what I've learned through the different stories is that he killed someone for a Vril Device. He also went back to 'paradise' to get a rock or something."

Then, all of a sudden, it hit Bruce. Nikolai, he thought.

He knows too much,Louis assured himself.

"I think we should keep moving before more weird things happen," Gino said nervously.

"I agree," Louis and Bruce simultaneously agreed.

The tension only mounted from there.

Chapter 4 and 5 coming once 2 and 3 are posted :D

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Chapter 4 - The Tension Only Ascends

"Let's split up," Jack says.

They had reached what looked like the remains of a cosmodrome that had been leveled from the blast. There were some craters scattered around the area too.

"Jack and Gino come with me," Rick said. "Louis and Bruce, try to find clues where exactly we are."

If we were in Siberia before... Louis thought.

...We must be in Russia. Bruce thought.

Both men gave each other a stare. Both had a plan to dispose of the other.

"I think it's a great idea to split up." Bruce had to force himself to hold back a grin.

Bruce looked in his pocket and he saw some tubes that would connect to a weapon he knew about. A weapon that could instantly make him the leader of the group. All he could think about is the maniacal laughter that was oh so attached to the weapon. What Bruce didn't know, however, was that he wasn't the only person in the group that knew how to handle this weapon. Someone in this group knew what he was doing, too. Rick, Gino, and Jack moved East very cautiously. Rick was smiling the whole way. Then again, going West, so was Louis.

Chapter 5 - Xerum 525

Bruce and Louis came across a workbench.

"How is this here?" Bruce said. "It's the only one in the miles that we've traveled."

"I'm not sure but we can stay here for a bit if there is something you want to build from parts over here."

"Ok," Bruce replied hesitantly.

"So what are you building?"

"It is a very powerful weapon to help us be more efficient with zombie killing."

"What are the properties of the gun?"

"Hopefully, if the bulbs still work and everything is wired right, it should have a plasma-type property."

"You have that wired wrong," Louis said.


"Here let me see it."

Bruce gave him the almost-finished gun. Louis rearranged some wires and the weapon started to glow. Not a blueish-white color but a reddish-purple glow.

"Impossible," both said almost simultaneously.

Both looked at each other and Louis said, "Well I guess I was wrong."

Bruce knew the truth though. Something even bigger was happening since this was a modified version of the gun he was trying to build.

Chapter 6 - Growing Suspicions

Rick, Jack, and Gino decided to take a break.

"Let's split up for a little."

Rick decided to break the silence and bring up the new plan among the group.

"Are you crazy?" Gino would have none of this plan.

"I agree," Jack replied.

"Thank you," Gino said.

"-with Rick."

Gino looked at him like Jack had 4 heads.

"I'll float West," Rick said. "Let's meet back up in about an hour."

Rick went off westward with his binoculars about 3 miles. He peered around to find a safe shelter and report his findings. He went out another mile and looked Northwest. He was Bruce and Louis conversing. As he was about to call out to them he saw the weapon they were building.

"What the..."

All of a sudden 4 zombies staggered toward them. Rick watched Bruce shoot the Lightning Gun and kill all of them with one shot. Rick couldn't believe what he saw next. He saw Bruce hide the gun, but not in his bag. He buried it. Once the duo started walking East he sprinted back to Jack and Gino.

"What's wrong?" Gino asked.

"Nothing. We should get back to camp."

Rick was going to see what Bruce would tell him. If Bruce and Louis are planning something against us, I need to level the playing field.

After all, he did notice 3 identical craters that had a certain pattern to it. Very similar to the ones he encountered in Japan during World War II. Rick let out a huge grin and started back towards camp.


I am finishing up writing Chapter 11 up to this date and I am not sure if I will type more out tonight (2/12/13). Things pick up dramatically coming up and things start unravelling including big twists you may or may not know. Also being included are background checks on some of the characters like Rick and a certain event that happened during The Price of War's Time Frame that will be documented and will reveal at least 2 character's true intentions.

I am having a blast writing this story and I hope you all enjoy it.

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