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Captain Price Vs Victor Reznov

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1. History: Going on the history of the characters, Cpt. Price was first introduced in Call of Duty 1, 2, then 4. Where as Sgt. Reznov was only shown in World at War.

Winner: Cpt. Price

2. Hat: Everyone knows that what you wear on your head symbolizes your manliness. Sgt. Reznov with his comfy winter hat, it makes him overall more manliness, since it is rounded over and equipped with fluffy material to enhance the size of his head. Though Cpt. Price having a scruffy hat, it twiddles the manliness of his stature to only to the limit of a short. The flatness of the hat makes his head appear more flat then it is as if he is afraid of the old man curse of baldness.

Winner: Sgt Reznov

3. Uniform: Can’t be sexy without some nice threads, right? Well from the looks of it, Sgt Reznov has been wearing the same clothes throughout World at War. While as in Modern Warfare, Cpt. Price at least had two sets of clothing (The Black Kit is the meaning of sexy), and one more if you include Call of Duty 2.

Winner: Cpt. Price

4. Guns: The guns you use is the way you see yourself. Cpt. Price generally uses a M4 (modified) showing he is confident in his close to home, and way in the meat grind. While as Sgt. Raznov, uses the PPSH-41, a SMG that fires the 7.62x25mm Tokarev round. This shows that Raznov feels small from his last stature (from losing the ability to snipe) so he uses a weapon that fires lots of tiny ones.

Winner: Cpt. Price

5. Dialogue: Our victor has to have a heroic voice to accompany his victory. Cpt Price with his husky commands that will keep you on your toes, but Sgt. Reznov’s semi-melodramatic sayings of both encouragement, and down right hardness will make every word memorable (let alone flaming a passion).

Winner: Sgt. Reznov

6. Rank: This one is simple. The rank of Captain is higher then Sergeant, so Captain price is the winner.

Winner: Captain Price

7. Leadership: Cpt. Price controlled a squad of people and took down a nuclear attack, but Sgt Reznov helped push a whole army in triumphing over Germany.

Winner: Sgt. Reznov

8. Hardness: Both characters have the element of hardness, but actions they do man a lot, even till the last minute. Cpt. Price helped the team move on till the very last minute of the game, but in the end, if it wasn’t for Soap doing the last shots at Imran Zakhaev and his men. While as Sgt. Reznov help’s save Dimitri (main character you play as) in World at War, in the very last moment of the game.

Winner: Sgt. Reznov

9. Skill: With Sgt. Reznov injuring his hand, he loses his ability to use his sniper rifle, thus causing him to use the SMG. While Cpt. Price is able to use a large selection of different weapons. Whether it’s a sniper rifle or assault rifle.

Winner: Cpt. Price

10. Mustache: Now this is the ultimate determination of who is the most bada**s. The mustache is the most defining feature of you that you expose to the world, so the mustache defines who and what you are. Cpt. Price’s mustache is clearly the identity of who he is. If you could only see his mustache, you would know who he is, and exactly what he’s going to do to you. Sgt. Reznov on the other hand, has a meager mustache. Barely as full as Cpt. Price’s. If you took off Reznov’s mustache you wouldn’t even think anything changed. Now that’s just isn’t manly.

Winner: Cpt. Price

Overall Winner: Captain Price = 6/10, Sergeant Reznov = 4/10

The winner of who is the best of the best goes to Captain Price!

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