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My ideas for a new zombie map

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After lurking the forum for an entire year ive finally decided to join as my father hates me joining websites(im using his email!!!) and would like to share all those threorys and ideas ive kept locked up for a year!!

More on topic

Sociopath(needs much better name.)

Discription(read in captin quark voice.)

Our perilous trio and there new companion have been launched into the evil richtofens inner mind while he finds out what the hell he's meant to do with that lump of rock he just blew up.can they escape aether and richtofens mind or will they be crushed by his thought processes!!!

This map is a map based in richtofens mind if you havent guessed yet,the map will heavily incorporate richtofens history and mermorys of being a torturer and working for the illuminati.radios instead will be images of memorys of his past and the map will heavily incorporate traps and tight areas to represent restraint of the person being tortured.you will instead of paying for traps you will have to fill up jars of blood similar to the pyramid.the more blood stored the crazier the trap activated.the blood would flow down grates btw.

Trap ideas

Pendeulem trap( iknow its spelt wrong :lol)

The roof opens up and small pendulems swing down slicing everything nearby,the more stored blood the more pendulems activate.

BB trap

Bouncing bettys magically appear in the ground( its richies mind anything can happen)more blood stored more BB's appear.

Claymores...same as above

Punji stakes

Punji stakes from shangri la shoot out from ground( more blood more stakes)

Plus regular traps.

Spike pit

Doors hidden collapse dropping zombies into a spike pit.

Do u liek?

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