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The Next big hit from Treyarch: what would be the name?


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Hey guys, I'm here to ask you this:

Since Black Ops was huge, I hope that another Black Ops type game will come out with zombies and one heck of a story line! We all know it is coming, all we need to know is "What will it called?"

Please answer explaining:

1. why you choose the name?

2. what time era will it take place

3. zombies or not

4. how will it start (EX: black ops it is in front of a tv)

5. What is the name of the main character/s

6. Any special guns

7. What year would it come out (EX: 2013)

Thank you, and we will know soon :D:D:D :D

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My Example would be

Call of Duty: Revolutions

1. I chose the name because I think that it would represent what the world has been going through lately.

2. It would be modern era warcraft during the peak of the Iraq war around 2008.

3. Big time zombies!!! Modern Day zombies would be perfect. Fighting zombies in Manhattan!

4. You will be running when a explosion blows you into a hole and you get knocked out. The main menu appears while you are down. When you start Campaign you wake up in Alciada's hands.

5. You are a corporal and your name is Max Huxley. (Got it from Call of Duty 3) You soon meet a guy named Frank and a good friend, Mike Foughly (IDK where i got it from)

6. during zombies there is a new type of ray gun that is like a mini wunderwaffle. Shoots out rays and lightning for close and far combat. You get to use a ray gun during one campaign mission when you find it in a dead guys satchel.

7. It would come out around 2014 given time for Black Ops to get old and for battlefield to become popular, so when Revelations come out, Battlefield will be knock out of the water!

Thanks for reading and please give me comments about it since I can take criticism. :D:D:) :)

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