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SuperMrWafflez' Der Riese Solo Strategy

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Round 1: Let all the zombies in, lead the around until they're in a line, then put a full clip into the legs, now knife the zombies.

Round 2: Let all the zombies in, line 'em up, put a full 12 bullets into the zombies legs, then knife all the zombies.

Round 3: 2 clips into the legs, then knife when out of ammo. *Top Tip* Make sure you back away from zombies after knifing to avoid; unwanted power-ups and being windmilled.

Round 4: If you have 2700 or more, open up the two doors leading to the Thompson, then buy the Thompson. Stand with your back to the fence that is opposite the mainframe. *Top Tip* Shoot the zombies a few times with the Tommy gun, then knife for maximum points!

Rounds 5-9: Open up the Thompson stairs, and start off at the Double Tap machine, then jump off when you get overrun, spray with the Tommy gun until they're all dead. Make sure you buy Speed Cola by round 8.

Round 10: Do the same as rounds 5-9, but leave some crawlers at the end. Now open the Thompson teleporter room and link, then open the Trench Gun Teleporter room and link that. Finally, open and link the Catwalk teleporter. You should have around 10,000 points left over. Use these points to buy betties, PaP your Thompson and buy the box. You want an M2 Flamethrower, not a Wunder-fully bad-waffe DG-2 and the over-Ray-ted Gun. They are un-needed. When you have the Flamethrower, PaP it if you can.

Rounds 11-25: Start at the Double Tap Machine, drop off and flame them, then run to the Catwalk teleporter, don't get in, just stand infront of it. When the zombies get close, walk towards the STG 44, then jump off through the hole in the rail. Now run up the catwalk stairs and stand next to the open window that you can jump through. When the zombies get close, jump out and turn the barrier on. Now run to the Trench Gun room, go all the way up the stairs and flame any remainig zombies. Now repeat this loop until the round is over.

Rounds 26-and further

Do the same as above, but instead, turn on every barrier you walk past. *Top Tip* Remember, always keep moving!

Dog Rounds:

Drop down into the underground tunnel and fend off the dogs from here. It's the best spot!

Perk Overviews:


A must buy, the most important perk. Get this before anything else!

*Top Tip* Never buy Jugger-nog mid-round or at the start of the round, this will get you killed.

Speed Cola:

Good, but not essential, generally the second most important perk.

*Top Tip* Don't buy Speed Cola too early, as it is simply not needed in early rounds.

Double Tap Root Beer:

Pretty much esential in later rounds, as it kills zombies quicker! Not needed until round 20. It raises the The Reaper's (PaP'd PPSh-41) rate of fire to nearly 2,000 RPM!

*Top Tip* Grap Double Tap when you think the zombies are over-powering you. It will help level the playing field.

Quick Revive Soda:

No-use in solo for WAW.

*Top Tip* Don't buy :lol:

Hope you appreciate this guide! It took a lot of time and effort, so I hope you like it!

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