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Chapter 3: "FIVE" Chapter 5: Containment

Attack on the Pentagon

Chapter 4: "Conspiracy"

The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia, United States of America

Prime Minister of Cuba Fidel Castro

November 6th, 1963

Fidel Castro knelt by the ravaged corpse of a zombie he had shot upon entering the panic room, sensing the cold, metallic smell of its fresh blood through the scent of his cigar. He let out a cloud of smoke from his lungs and looked towards McNamara and Kennedy. Like before, McNamara stammered through his words, disturbed by recent events. He trembled as he attempted to coax answers from the President, but Kennedy would not reveal his secrets. Nixon, meanwhile, sat dejected in one of the office chairs, sullen by the loss of his new gun.

Between the President and Secretary of Defense was a machine painted a light shade of blue. The interior was lined with gears, and the top of the machine read “Pack-a-Punch”. History repeated itself once again as McNamara's nerves took over, and he questioned repeatedly the purpose of the device. Kennedy placed his handgun into the front slot of the machine, which pulled in the weapon, and after a short time it spat out two handguns adorned with a new, stylistic appearance.

Fidel showed little interest in the alien device, looking back to the corpse on the ground. It was one he recognized; A certain, Cuban spy disguised in CIA uniform. As the others were distracted, Fidel took the opportunity to find answers of his own. If not even the President's closest Secretary had access to the meaning behind today's events, it would take an independent investigation to find the answers Fidel sought. What he witnessed in the laboratories of the Pentagon was unnatural, and the technology he had seen utilized is like nothing he ever knew existed. There is more to be found in the annals Pentagon.

As the President and his lackey clamored at the Pack-a-Punch machine, Fidel looked to a nearby doorway leading out of the conference area of the panic room. Being sure the others were not looking, Fidel slipped through the door unnoticed, entering a narrow hallway with a cluster of filing cabinets lining the wall. Within the confines of the filing cabinets were classified documents for only the highest in authority to see: research after the second world war, operations of black ops units, and top-secret designs for air and spacecraft.

The documents were sorted by date, reaching as far back as 1943. The first document Castro pulled dated to August 12th, 1959.

MEMORANDUM TO: Colonel J.C King (Chief WHD)

FROM: Ryan Jackson, (Chief Analyst, APLAA)


The document detailed early plans for the Bay of Pigs invasion, over a year before the operation took place.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the recommendations outline herein is to bring about the replacement of the Castro regime with a regime more devoted to the true interests of the Cuban people and more acceptable to the U.S in such a manner as to avoid the appearance of a U.S intervention.

Castro searched further documents, skimming past profiles of American black ops agents, until one in particular caught his attention. It was not the man's history of anti-Communism and skills as a sniper in the Marines that drew Castro to him, but the face which seemed all too familiar. Fidel had seen this American, Alex Mason, once before. The date of the profile's creation was September 6th of 1960, with intention of presenting this Mason as a candidate for a certain mission, Operation 40, during the invasion. Fidel thought to the time just a couple of years prior, remembering the attempt on his life in Santa Maria. American agents infiltrated Fidel's private villa and slayed his decoy, believing their mission was a success. The American who was left behind after the counter-attack was Alex Mason, and Fidel parted ways with the prisoner as he knew General Dragovich had far greater plans for the infiltrator. An attached note, however, read that Mason had recently been recovered by the Americans after an escape from Vorkuta prison.

Reluctantly, Fidel continued his search for the sake of time. As he suspected, technology related to the oddities Fidel has witnessed today can be dated back to the years following the Second World War. A document from 1948 detailed initializing research into the German “Wunderwaffe” program. One particular excerpt from the document caught his eye:

(LOW PRIORITY) Analysis of the rumored Die Glocke device (heretofore known as "The Bell") purported to be anything from an anti-gravity propulsion system to a time machine. Nothing yet can be confirmed; however a statement from Agency case office Chase Rettland details his interrogation of a low-level research assistant who claims he saw a "mirror device that allowed the viewing of images from the past". The subject of the interrogation died of unknown causes shortly after providing his statement.

Within this file were several other follow-up documents from later years researching what was found in Germany after 1945. In particular, a site known as Der Riese, run by independent organization, Group 935, was found to hold remnants of research on levitation, teleportation, and resurrection of the dead. Much of the site was destroyed along with the research following the Soviet invasion and subsequent standoff between American and Soviet forces. By what Castro has seen today, it appears this research was not all lost to history. These documents would be damning should they be revealed to the world, proving the US desires the same power Nazi Germany held. These capitalists are no better than the fascists of years prior.

Attached was a transcript from an interview with an American soldier present at the Der Riese Massacre:

MEMORANDUM TO: John Abrams, Chief Analyst (OSA/DI)

FROM: Ryan Jackson, Jnr. Analyst (OSA/DI)

SUBJECT: Recounted Events of the Recovery Mission to Der Riese by -REDACTED-

Jackson: Talk about your mission. What did you see when you first arrived on site?

-REDACTED-: It's less what I saw, but more what I could smell and hear. There was the screaming, then the gunshots and explosions as the Russians blew apart buildings, and some other kind of screaming that kept coming up. It wasn't out of fear. [PAUSE] It was almost like a howl or a moan, but so damn loud. Anyway, the site was already FUBAR [Abbreviation for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition] by the time we arrived. And that smell was just vile, like roadkill but ten times worse.

Jackson: And what was your mission? Was it a success?

-REDACTED-: The mission was to get the Russians off site so our men could pick the place clean. Wouldn't have been a problem, but we had to avoid any physical confrontations at all costs. We didn't want to start another war. So we showed up all in formation, making it real clear we meant business and we weren't the scientists those Russians were using as target practice. As they saw us coming, they all tensed up and raised their weapons. They started screaming at us and each other. We raised ours up too, but we absolutely could not fire first. I was worried Private -REDACTED- would fire the first shot. The kid's a German by blood, and the massacre of those German scientists really affected him. Anyway, the translator in our platoon stepped forward and relayed information to their squad leader, some guy named Pavel Gorki, who was a big deal to the Russian military, apparently. Arguing continued, and then some weird shit started happening. That moaning and groaning came back, and several of the Russian men ran back into other areas of the facility. We heard gunshots and more screaming. Our Corporal told the translator to tell them to leave immediately, and that they must cease fire on the scientists. Gorki was saying we had no idea what we were dealing with. -REDACTED- persisted, and Gorki ordered his men to leave. I guess you could call the mission a success, but like I said, the place was ransacked and there were so many dead. It was like one of those, uh, German death camps we liberated, and I thought I'd never see anything like that again.

Jackson: What did your squad do next?

-REDACTED-: After that, we split into pairs and scouted the facility to make sure there weren't any Russians that didn't get the memo. We also looked for surviving scientists and rounded them up. A majority were dead from gunshots and cyanide. But there were a few with these huge wounds on their necks and arms. Some had their guts spilled out on the floor. But the weirdest thing was the dead SS soldiers. For one thing, Germany's army was supposed to be dismantled at this point. The corpses were also rotten and festering with maggots like they had been dead for months, yet they had fresh bullet-holes from the Russians. I didn't question it though. I just wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. I was paired with -REDACTED- and we found a couple of scientists hiding out in the underground tunnels. We tried to keep them as calm as possible, and let them know we were there to rescue them. All seemed fine until we reached the surface and -REDACTED- tried to touch this... big bell machine. The power was out everywhere, so it's not like it worked, but anyway, he got too close to it and one of the scientists went ballistic and tried to pull -REDACTED- back. I was forced to restrain the scientist and we continued to the rendezvous point. What happened to those scientists and that facility afterwards, I don't know. [PAUSE] But I imagine you guys probably have some idea.

Jackson: No further questions, -REDACTED-.

[The interview ended here. -REDACTED- returned home and is still under surveillance. No signs of him knowing any further information about the incident.]

Also of note were research missions planned ahead for once the American space program sent a man to the Moon. The documents noted a research station there, though the name was blacked out. Castro was puzzled by the document's use of present tense, as if the station were already built, which would be an impossibility, unless there was something more substantial in the American teleportation research.

Castro searched further, uncovering more memorandums citing tactics to be used against the Soviets and plans for undermining them. He collected key documents, planning to hand deliver them to Comrade Khrushchev himself should he have the chance. His meddling with the classified documents came to a close as the door behind him slammed open and McNamara stood with an automatic weapon pointed directly at him.

“I should have anticipated this! Allowing a Communist into the panic room could only end one way.”

Fidel placed the recovered documents on the ground, calmly raising his arms into the air. In from the same doorway came President Kennedy, reaching out towards McNamara's weapon and lowering it.

“Stand down, Bob!”

“Mr. President! Fidel was preparing to pawn off our intelligence to the Soviets! It cannot be denied now, he IS the enemy. HE must be the one who caused this whole outbreak in the first place. It was all his orchestration! This was his plan all along! The blood of all these men is on his hands!”

“In times like these, we cannot make assumptions. Prime Minister, just what were you planning to do with those documents?”

Castro lowered his arms, exchanging grimace with McNamara, and looking to the President.

“I had sent a spy disguised as one of your own to acquire this information while you and all of your security oversaw our meeting. But the spy was killed in action. I am here to complete his mission. After what I have witnessed today, and what I have read here, I know I am right in my actions and I cannot trust the US to do what is right. Your government has conspired against my people and the leadership they chose to support in the Revolucion. I also see your governments lust for power, and I question my trust in you, Jack. If the Soviets have this information, the world will be safer from Capitalist influence. There would be balance. But, it seems you've caught me. So I suppose you will kill me now? Hm? Send me out there with those beasts? No one will know.”

“That will not happen, Prime Minister. We are all in this fight together, regardless of where we are from. I ask that you do not share what you have seen today, but that is ultimately your choice, Fidel. I have seen now, through the constant mistrust between us that there are things that should have been left to history. We have made the mistake of believing we could keep these secrets to ourselves. But instead, they have come back to haunt us, and perhaps even the entire world. Realizing this mistake, it is my responsibility to ensure the world is prepared for what is to come, and to be prepared, every nation needs a strong leader to guide her people. Prime Minister, we must both fight to escape the Pentagon, and return to our own. Now, are you willing to fight by my side, for the sake of your people?”

Fidel looked to the documents he had placed onto the floor, the damning evidence that would send the US into a downward spiral should it leave its borders. He retrieved them from the floor, and removed the lighter from his pocket, burning the paper to ash.

McNamara's eyes widened and his body tensed. “What are you DOING?”

Castro dropped his cigar and the burning paper to the floor, putting the fire out with his boot after the documents had been destroyed.

“None of the horrors here must ever leave. Even if we may not be allies, Jack, I will fight with you to keep Cuba safe.”

“I am grateful you are with us, Prime Minister. Bob and I have contacted the White House. They are sending a unit to extract us to safety. It appears the outbreak has spread elsewhere. Manhattan, Kazakhstan, and Khe Sanh are confirmed so far. The situation could escalate further. The world must hear our story, and contain this enemy before the people are sent into a panic.”

McNamara placed his upgraded MP5k onto a nearby filing cabinet, dipping his head and sweating profusely from the stress.

“I would like to apologize, Prime Minister Castro. I know now that we must unite if we are to succeed. We just have to wait it out for the military to arrive, and then-”

Just then, the Pentagon's PA system blared a loud warning siren, and the recorded female voice pervaded the cramped documents room.

"Warning, breach detected on level two. Initiating security protocol 115."

From the doorway leading into the room, Richard Nixon came in, sweating at his brow.

“The doors to the panic room have opened!”



Chapter 3: "FIVE" Chapter 5: Containment
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