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Chapter 5: Extraterrestrial Chapter 7: Success

Chapter 6: "Progress"

Date Unknown

Der Riese - Dr. Maxis' Lab


A green glowing ray emitted from the weapon and made explosive contact on the test dummy. Following the explosion the dummy seemed irradiated from the blast and bits of cloth began to burn off and dissipate.

Dr. Maxis ran a device around the test area to detect how far the radius of the weapon's explosion reached.

“Around 1.2 meters from our test subject there is residue visible on the tracker. A very powerful weapon indeed. Dr. Porter! Continue testing with our new weapon and continue tweaking. Our friends in the Reich should be very impressed by what we've accomplished today.”

Dr. Porter removed his goggles and deactivated the firing mechanism.

“Yes, doctor. There is much potential in this project. I will report on any findings on the weapon as they come. Are you leaving for lunch, Dr. Maxis?”

“No. Samantha is visiting us today, and I'm spending the afternoon with her. I have...unfortunately not been there to care and love her as I should have been. You understand, Dr. Porter, yes?”

“Absolutely doctor. Enjoy your afternoon with your daughter.”


Samantha Maxis entered the Der Riese facility around 1300 hours. It was the weekend and her father had promised a surprise gift for her that day if she were a good girl for the week.

The nice man at the reception desk guided her to her seat to wait for her father. Eagerly waiting she kicked both her feet and hugged her Teddy.

Sam rarely saw father anymore. He was always busy working on science. It was always so lonely at home without her father. Before mother passed away, the three of them were always together and life was great. But today Samantha would finally spend time with her father, and she would find out what her gift was.

Fifteen minutes passed and Ludvig Maxis entered the lobby. He held his arms wide to catch Samantha as she came running towards him. He knelt down to hold her with all his love.

“It warms my heart to see you, Samantha. Have you been a good girl while I was away? How is Katrina? You haven't run her out of the house yet, have you?”

“No father. She takes good care of me and Teddy. She says I've been a good girl, daddy.”

“Well then, Samantha. I guess that means you can get your gift I've been saving for this day. Though, I didn't have any doubt you were a good girl. Now, wait here one moment Samantha.”

Maxis turned to another man in white and whispered in his ear for a moment, and the man, with a name-tag reading Harvey Yena, went into another room and came back with a rectangular device and a leash attached to the fluffiest, most beautiful dog Samantha had ever seen. Dr. Yena turned on the device which began to spin some of its internal wheel-like parts.

Samantha covered her mouth with her free hand and smile with glee. She had always begged father for a dog of her own but he always turned down the idea, believing she was not old enough. Ludvig knelt down again by Samantha and her new-found best friend.

“Now, you must be very diligent with her, Samantha. Owning a dog is a great responsibility."

"Yes, father. Oh, I love her."

"You must feed her every day, and walk her, and be very careful when you play with her. You know she's going to have puppies?"

Samantha's bright green eyes raised up to her loving father. Not only a dog of her very own, but soon puppies.

"Really? Can I keep the puppies too father?"

"We'll see, Samantha. One step at a time."


Dr. Yena ended the recording Dr. Maxis had requested. Following the previous week's events, Dr. Maxis had not struck Harvey as the sentimental type. Thank God he had convinced Maxis to give her the testing dog. No telling what type of experiments they had planned for the mother and her pups, seeing what had already been done to human subjects at Group 935 and worse, Division 9 in Japan.

Dr. Yena shifted his pose unsure of what Maxis wanted to happen next. The father and daughter continued speaking for a few minutes, occasionally sharing a hug or a laugh. Finally, Dr. Maxis raised up and motioned for the recorder from Dr. Yena.

“Thank you, Dr. Yena. Samantha and I will be gone for the next few hours. Be sure to check in on Dr. Porter's work every so often, and try to follow up with Dr. Richtofen on the weapon ideas sometime this evening. But first, treat yourself to a break. It's been a busy week for all of us.”

“Yes, doctor. Thank you.”

Dr. Yena left the lobby for his locker and passed Dr. Schuster. He waved at the doctor but he seemed in such a hurry Dr. Schuster did not notice.

“Dr. Schuster! Are you alright?”

“Yes! Yes, everything is alright! Erm- have you seen Dr. Richtofen anywhere?”

“Well no, last I saw him was in yesterday's meeting.”

“Well if you see him let me know, please. I, uh, need to speak with him.”


Chapter 5: Extraterrestrial Chapter 7: Success

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