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Chapter 3: Great Science Chapter 5: Extraterrestrial

Chapter 4: "Abracadavre"

Date Unknown

Der Riese - Dr. Maxis' Lab

"Stand up."

The beast did not flinch.


The decaying corpse rose up from the table and let forth a groan as it came off the table onto its legs.

“Good. Look at me.”

Its head rose up to face Dr. Maxis as he snapped his fingers. The corpse's blank, soulless gape turned to a more focused sneer. It began to dribble at the mouth and shuffle towards him.

“Excellent. Further. Keep coming.”

The awoken body lost its balance and fell to the ground. It groaned louder as it became more angered.

“It's all right. Stay there.”

Now on its legs again it began a faster pace towards the pane of glass protecting Dr. Maxis.

“Calm down! I order you...”

The zombie now began to swing violently as it approached the glass. Its mouth was now fully agape ready to take on the doctor.

“Kill it!”

The gunman opened the door and fired two rounds in its chest, and it went down with a wince. The bloated corpse now lied dead again.

“Bring me another.”

“With all due respect Dr. Maxis, what are you hoping these creatures will do once they are under your command? What's a walking corpse to the Nazis when their men could be armed to the teeth with our elemental weapons?”

“And that is where you are wrong, Dr. Yena. If we can gain full control of the dead, the Nazis will not have just a walking corpse, but a walking army at their disposal.”

Dr. Harvey Yena grew weary when the lab assistant brought a new corpse to toy with. This one was younger than the rest, seemingly a young boy, likely killed in some brutal accident that left him with but one limb.

Dr. Maxis continued, “Think of the potential! An army that does not grow tired!”

The assistant loaded a microgram of the element into the device.

“An army that does not need weapons!”

The device activated and a ray of Element 115 was cast upon the boy's corpse.

“An army that feels no remorse!”

The boy's eyes opened for likely the first time in weeks. At first the lights frightened him but the sight of the many scientists in the lab drew his attention.

“Stand up. Please.”

The body raised itself up with its one arm, but fell shoulder first onto the floor. That fall on the concrete test chamber would have surely permanently injured the average human, but this thing was no human. It began pulling itself towards the window with its arm.


As Dr. Maxis said it, the beast was stunned. It did not move for a few moments. It began to drool an ooze from its mouth, a mix of saliva and blood, onto the ground. Dr. Yena began to vomit into the nearby bin, while others in the lab averted their eyes or left. Dr. Maxis had a smile of success.

“Good! Yes! Now...walk-er...crawl towards me, slowly.”

He snapped his fingers and the crawler continued to move towards the glass. It reached the wall and raised itself up on a shaky leg. Now leaning on the glass, it peered inside the testing lab at those that had awoken it from eternal rest. Ravenous and angered, it started to slam on the glass with its arm.

“I ORDER you to-”

It began to scream as it cracked the glass. Finally the beast's strength caused the glass to shatter on the floor and it jumped into the room with Dr. Maxis.


Two gunmen raised their pistols and fired twelve shots into the corpse's shell. The entire floor was blood soaked and members of Group 935 were racing towards the lab to investigate the loud screams and gunshots.

“It's all right...It's all right everyone. Someone get the cleaning crew, right now! Men, we are relocating to a new lab for further tests while this pane of glass is being repaired.”

The body was crumpled and unrecognizable from the holes in its head and chest. The young boy's face was non-existent.

Dr. Yena was sick. His heart was racing. What kind of monsters were they to create? When Harvey joined Group 935, he had no idea the horrors he would witness. Dr. Maxis had entrusted him with the knowledge of Group 935's pact with the Nazi Party, yet he did not understand why. Harvey had lived in the United States most of his life, and shortly before the war he had traveled to Germany to practice science with Group 935. It was simpler times then, before all this political unease. Dr. Yena did not know what to make of the Nazi Party's motives, but he could not afford to leave Group 935 and return home. He would have to endure if he were to survive.


Chapter 3: Great Science Chapter 5: Extraterrestrial

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