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Chapter 2: Induction Chapter 4: Abracadavre

Chapter 3: "Great Science"

December 1939

Der Riese - Dr. Richtofen's Lab

“And, there's another failure.” Dr. Richtofen sighed to himself. “Cut it.”

Dr. Schuster ended the radio recording.


“What have we been doing so wrong, Dr. Schuster? Surely the device should be performing correctly, as it is calibrated exactly as our research in matter transference specified.”

The two scientists had been testing the device for weeks, with no fruit to bear. They had attempted to send an assortment of items through the device to try and move them to the receiving pad, but every test resulted in the object not being sent through or disappearing completely.

“Perhaps not enough power is being sent into the device for it to function properly?”

“Unfortunately we cannot draw any more power under current conditions without causing a blackout in the entire facility. We simply do not have enough, Edward.”

Richtofen pondered for a moment. Without enough power and a limited supply of Element 115, they could not send through the boxes, rodents, and other assorted objects through the teleporter.

“Perhaps, Dr. Schuster, we are thinking too large. What about something much smaller? We wouldn't need nearly as much power for something so small.”

Dr. Schuster raised up and walked to the control panel. He noted on a pad his calculations.

“Perhaps...a smaller object would affect the outcome.”

Dr. Richtofen reached for a walnut on his tray, then an idea came to him.

“Dr. Schuster, I have our test subject in my hand.”

He placed the walnut in the appropriate center of the MTD's pad while Dr. Schuster made proper adjustments. Next came the moment of truth.

“Dr. Schuster, add the element and begin the recording.”

Dr. Schuster placed the microgram of 115 into the device and activated the recording.


Log entry 38. Date: December 4, 1939. The matter transferring prototype is prepared for test run number 151. We have now reduced our test subject's mass to prove that this is possible. Dr. Schuster, please give an overview.”

“Yes Dr. Richtofen. We have a new test subject, a walnut, weighing in at a 10 grams. The target platform is now at three feet with no obstructions. We have one microgram of the element which, according to our calculations, will be entirely used up during the test.“

“Excellent, Dr. Schuster. Commence test number 151.” Edward motioned for Dr. Schuster to activate the device.

“Yes, Doctor. Uh, please insert your earplugs.”

The two pulled the plugs from their pockets and inserted them into their ears. Dr. Richtofen put his hands together in anticipation. This would be the test that got it right.

Dr. Schuster pulled the lever and the bell-shaped Matter Transference Device began to whir into action, and flashes appeared inside where the element was being used up. Smoke filled the area and the metal clanging grew louder until reaching its apex, in which the noise slowed to a crawl, and the smoke cleared from the testing area.

“Good God! We've done it! We have powered up the prototype, and it moved a walnut directly from the prototype device into the receiving device. It moved instantly. It... it-”

Dr. Richtofen cut him off. “Teleported. Get me Dr. Maxis.”

Dr. Schuster opened the doors and left the lab to find Dr. Maxis. Richtofen stood in amazement at what was just accomplished. The walnut disappeared and reappeared in a completely different point in space. Words could not describe Richtofen's excitement. Since he was a boy, Edward dreamed of creating something people could use for the greater good. Vehicles would be outmoded once this device could be improved for mass production and it could be used with larger objects, and even people. World-wide travel would be as easy as going to the store.

Dr. Schuster returned with Dr. Maxis in tow, exasperated from the run.

“Dr. Maxis, I appreciate you being here to see this modern marvel of science. Dr. Schuster, set up the device once again.”

Schuster placed the element inside the compartment and placed another walnut on the pad.

Still smiling, Dr. Richtofen passed Dr. Maxis a pair of ear plugs and placed in his own.

“Dr. Schuster, activate when ready.”

Just like before, the device whirred to life, and the walnut moved from the pad to the receiving area.

Dr. Richtofen shook Dr. Schuster's hand and hugged him. All their work had finally created something incredible. This was a defining point in their lives.

Dr. Maxis, however, had a look of shock, then annoyance at the scientists' celebration.

Confused, Dr. Richtofen turned to Maxis.

“Dr. Maxis, is there something wrong? What do you think of the device? How can we further improve upon it? Surely you see the benefits to a device that can give humanity the ability of teleportation!”

“But this is not the crucial experiments that you were supposed to be working on!”

Dr. Richtofen was shocked. “With all due respect, Dr. Maxis, this is a breakthrough of unimaginable proportions.”

“What? That you moved a walnut a few feet? Yes Edward, we will improve the human condition by revolutionizing the walnut industry. I can see it now: 'Edward's Walnut Delivery'!”

Richtofen's face of confusion turned into an ugly display of anger.

“Don't be obtuse.”

“How dare you call me that! We are at war, Edward! I will admit that there is promise here, but until this war is won-“

Richtofen cut him off. “Correct me if I'm wrong, Dr Maxis, but Group 935 is a research organization. What was the motto? To improve the human condition? What business of ours is this war?”

“Fine Dr. Richtofen, I will let you in on a little administrative secret. We are finalizing a deal with the Nazi party. We need funding, we need equipment, they need new weapons. Chances
are this war will end soon with a treaty or two and we will be in a much better position to help the world.”

“Are you certain this won't cause massive defections? We have scientists from all over the world working with us.”

“That is why it is with the utmost confidence that I share this with you. No one will know of this. This is simply the breaking of an egg to make an omelet.”

So angered, Richtofen tried to negotiate a way the MTD could still be worked on, even if it was for the Nazis.

“Think of the tactical advantage we would have...”

Dr. Maxis retorted, “Think of the cost, think of the time! We can provide the Nazis tactical expertise in various areas without putting all our eggs in your walnut basket. Good day, Edward, and get back to your real work.”

Over the past month, Dr. Maxis had been instructing certain members of Group 935 to work on a series of projects with Element 115, that have been kept secret from the rest of the organization. Tests against living subjects to see the effects the element had. Now it all began to make sense why these were kept secret from the rest of the organization members.

Dr. Maxis left the two scientists disheveled and angered in the lab. It had all been for nothing. Group 935 was no longer the precious center of human ingenuity it was meant to be. It was now a cog of the German war machine.

Dr. Schuster broke the silence.

“Bloody jerk.”

“I think Dr. Maxis has lost his perspective. No matter. We will do this on our own and publish the findings before he has a chance to.”

“You're not suggesting that Dr. Maxis would steal this technology and perfect it without us, are you? “

“I would by no means discourage that thought. Great scientists must stick together and achieve great science.”

Now began a mission to beat the clock and perfect their project, before Dr. Maxis could fully transition the facility to Nazi control. Great science must be fought for, at all costs.

Chapter 2: Induction Chapter 4: Abracadavre

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