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Chapter 20: Meditation Chapter 22: Protocol 935

Chapter 21: "Firepower"


Griffin Castle - Dr. Porter's Lab

Now stationed at Eagle's Nest until Der Riese was safe to return to, Dr. Maxis entered Dr. Porter's lab, as he had been called to do so.

“Dr. Porter, I have been told you had a new development you wished to share?”

“Yes, Dr. Maxis! Working with Element 115 and our Ray Gun, I managed to imbue it with more power when placed in this device.”

The box-like device had much exposed circuitry and cogs.

“This is great Dr. Porter, but why did you feel the need to create a whole new weapon from the ground up when the ray gun hasn't even been put into production?”

“That's just it doctor, I didn't have to create this X2 prototype from the ground up. Harnessing 115 in the manner this device uses, any weapon can be imbued with more power from element 115. Even ballistic weaponry. Take for example this MP40 sub-machine gun. By placing it in the device here...”

Dr. Porter set the MP40 within the chamber and shut the hatch, before handing a pair of goggles to Dr. Maxis.

“I will now activate the machine.”

The 115 inside the box could be heard entering the weapon. Every bullet became infused with Element 115 for extra firepower. The MP40 could now fire faster and felt much lighter than it did when it originally entered the device. Dr. Porter demonstrated the effect on a test dummy nearby.

“This is all very impressive Dr. Porter. I have seen nothing like this before. How did you come up with such a device?”

“The basic design for this device actually comes from a blacksmith in the old American West. It was all purely speculative, of course, ahead of its time, but the same basic principles still apply here, and I have created a prototype of the device.”

“Incredible, Dr. Porter. I must ask, why have you gone to lengths to create such a device?”

“Think of the potential, Dr. Maxis! Soldiers can be equipped with upgraded firepower, far superior than anything else seen on this earth. Think of what this technology could do to weapons far greater in size!”

“Dr. Porter, unfortunately, I don't think we will have a use for such technology being mass-produced.”

“You must be joking, Ludvig.”

“The war is over, Dr. Porter. The greatest war of our time. The world has no use for new weapon such as these. There is simply no market for this technology, and we cannot afford to mass-produce your invention without the budget we used to have.”

“Doctor, it was you who said that the Germans would need the Ray Gun. You said they would undoubtedly begin mass production and they never did. Why?”

“This war did not pan out as they had planned, we could not provide them the technology they needed in the time they needed it.”

“Doctor, I...”

“I'm sorry, Dr. Porter. We must return to working on older projects. We don't have the budget nor the resources to continue testing with your new device.”

“Dr. Maxis! This technology is beyond imagination! How can you turn down this prototype? It is revolutionary!”

“Again, I am sorry, Dr. Porter. There is no other way. Please, return to your work. Group 935 must continue to survive even with the Reich now gone, and Der Riese decimated. We cannot reach our goal unless we persevere with our original motto, 'To improve the human condition'. Good day, Dr. Porter.”

This was a bombshell announcement. All those years doing exactly what Dr. Maxis wanted and still his work would not come to fruition. He must inform Dr. Richtofen.


“Dr. Richtofen! Come in doctor!”

“Yes, Dr. Porter? I'm very busy here.”

“Sorry to delay you Dr. Richtofen, but Dr. Maxis has done the unthinkable. He is canceling all weapon-related projects. None of our hard work will be mass-produced. Not my ray gun iteration. Not your Wunderwaffe.”

Richtofen slammed his fist into the operating table and flipped it on its side.

“Dr. Maxis promised he would! He swore!”

“What is the plan now?”

Edward recollected himself.

“I will return to Griffin Station soon to discuss the future with Groph, Schuster, and the others. Bring all of your work with you. We cannot have Dr. Maxis further robbing us of our ideas. Before I leave I must make one last log entry.”


Chapter 20: Meditation Chapter 22: Protocol 935

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