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Chapter 16: Magnum Opus Chapter 18: Asylum

Chapter 17: "Vodka"

September 1945

Siberian Facility - Dr. Richtofen's Lab

The phone rang once. Twice. Three times. Should he pick it up? Probably just Maxis wanting to steal more of his work. Fine. If Dr. Richtofen was going to tear down Dr. Maxis, he must first build him up.

“Ja, hello.”

“Richtofen! Why don't you pick up the damn phone? This is very important!”

“As if my work here is not? What could be so important?”

“We must begin working again on your teleporter research at Der Riese. I think the facility is safe to return to now after the atrocities that were done to our colleagues there. If Group 935 is going to survive, we must test your teleporter!”

“Well, Dr. Maxis, that does sound awful important. But I believe my work here is unfinished. It was you after all who said I should be here working on our test subjects. Were you not planning on having the DG-2 mass-produced sometime soon? I believe it has exceeded all-”

“Dr. Richtofen the time to shine will come! But right now we need to keep Group 935 afloat, and I need you working on the project!”

“Can you not just get Dr. Schuster for the job?”

“I have not seen him in weeks, have you? Either way, I value your expertise the most out of anyone. Please, get here and let us save Group 935.”

“I will when I can.”

Dr. Richtofen hung up.

The nerve.

“Can you believe that guy?”

“Can't believe it.”

The Russian belched for the fifth time in ten minutes.

“Have you no manners!”

“Nope. I lost those years ago in fight with bear. Heh heh.”

“You know, you are quite crude. I could just bash your head in with any of my select painful tools. But unfortunately for me, you serve a higher purpose. Today we're going to be working on mind control. Fun stuff.”

Nikolai wasn't responding to anything Dr. Richtofen said. He very well could have been asleep. But he simply did not care.

“Yeah yeah, wake me when is over.”

“You are no fun.”


The next few hours consisted of several tests on Nikolai's body, involving electricity, surgery, and intoxication.


“Okay Nikolai, stand up.”

He simply groaned.

“Come on now.”

Dr. Richtofen placed a bottle of vodka in Nikolai's hand. Nothing.

“I have to do everything!”

He poured half the bottle into Nikolai's mouth. The oaf finally opened his eyes and raised his head.

“Hey, do I know you from somewhere?”

“Yes, yes Nikolai you do, now please stand-”

“My name is Nikolai! I am a big, Russian bear! Ha ha!”

“Yes that's great, please-”

“You got any more of that good stuff?”

He pointed to the bottle. Dr. Richtofen's face met his palm.

“Nikolai, you are supposed to be following my commands!”

“Maybe your commands shouldn't be so loud, you cyka.”

“How are you even functioning?”

“Barely. Heh heh.”

“Okay, do you remember anything from before the tests?”

“Ehhh, not so much. I know I want some more of that good shit in your hands.”

Dr. Richtofen handed him the half-empty bottle. Strange, the tests had not made him any more cooperative, but they had erased much of his memory, and what little intellect he may have had.

“Nikolai, if you would, I'd like to try and evaluate your psych-”

Nikolai was now waving the bottle around singing to himself in Russian. This test was a failure. Unless...perhaps the key to controlling the human mind did not involve science at all. Just some talking.

“Nikolai, if you are a good boy today, I have a reward. I have some bottles of precious vodka waiting for you. All you've got to do is be my little lab assistant for the day.”

“This is good deal!”

“Thank you Nikolai. Now, go get test subject N3WB and bring him to me! We have some work to do!”


Chapter 16: Magnum Opus Chapter 18: Asylum

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