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Chapter 13: Sophia Chapter 15: Spleen

Chapter 14: "Massacre"


Der Riese - Infirmary

Dr. Schultz lied in his bed, still recovering from the neck wound he had acquired during the field test. His skin grew paler every day, and he suffered from high fever and cold sweats on a regular basis.

The war was over, he had read it in the paper delivered to him. The Second Great War was finally finished. But this meant doom for Group 935. Dr. Schultz also could not shake the biting truth that he was dying.

Dr. Maxis left Dr. Schultz and the rest at Der Riese shortly after a surgery of someone at the facility. Maxis seemed not concerned with the well being of his scientists who had suffered from the two-six field test. All Dr. Schultz had was his nurse, who would care for him and treat his wound when needed.

That night a scream could be heard outside the operating room. His nurse strode to the door and investigated outside. The scream that came next sent shivers down Dr. Schultz's spine. A zombie had gotten loose in the facility and was killing many outside, including the nurse he had just spoken with. Gunshots could be heard all throughout the facility, along with screams of terror. Many cried out in German, but there were some voices in Russian.

Dr. Schultz painfully turned his neck towards the alarm, he lifted himself up but the pain in his face kept him reeling on the ground. The pain was enormous, but he crawled on to the nearby alarm system. Next to the alarm was a recording device. This was the end.

He turned it on.

“I am Dr. Schultz. A doctor of Group 935. Our fragile alliance with the Nazi party has ended, rather catastrophically. The Partei is gone. Der Riese is being raided by the Soviets as I speak. I thought Group 935 could succeed in its mission. But I'm all out of hope. Auf Wiedersehen, my friend.”

Dr. Schultz turned the knob to the proper combination, allowing the alarm button to be pressed. The alarm came on all over the entire facility, and a P.A. System said the following:

“Warning, the shield is now active, find and destroy the designated materials and report to the barracks, this is not a drill.”

Dr. Schultz searched his pockets. The cyanide was nowhere to be found. It must be in his uniform locked away somewhere else.

“Dammit! - I can't find my pills...they are coming, I must do what I must do. God forgive us all!”

Dr. Schultz pulled a chair over and flipped it upright. He tied his bed sheets into a make-shift noose, and got himself into position. Finally, kicking the chair, Schultz suffocated to death on the noose as the chaos raged on at Der Riese.

Already over thirty deaths from a mix of Soviet gunmen and rampant zombies, Group 935 scientists still residing at Der Riese attempted to destroy their work, and either get to the barracks, or take their cyanide pill.

Within an hour of the massacre, American troops arrived at Der Riese and a standoff between the two allied groups began. The Americans forced the Soviets out of the facility after they had already salvaged much important research from Group 935. The scientists who had not killed themselves or been shot during the standoff were captured by the US troops.

The survivors in Group 935 scattered to their many research stations around the world. Edward Richtofen had established a teleporter at Group 935's Siberian facility for quick transportation to Griffin Station. Dr. Maxis now resided at Griffin Castle with Samantha. Dr. Groph and Dr. Schuster continued tests on the MPD at Griffin Station on the Moon, while Dr. Maxis had presumed they had died at the Der Riese Massacre.


Chapter 13: Sophia Chapter 15: Spleen

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