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Chapter 2 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 1: "A Guide To The Universe"

Unknown Date

Unknown Point In Space

Words cannot describe the complicated nature of the universe, so frankly, I won't try to. It wasn't always that way, no. At one point things were as they should be...but, give humanity an inch, in this case an inch of freewill...and they will take the length of the fucking Great Wall of China. That's a reference only a human would get, anyway.

It was all straightforward, really: humanity toiled away in the dirt, never once crossing paths into the realm known as the Aether nor mingling with its inhabitants: The Keepers.

To be fair, we started the fire, just a little. The Keepers were able to manipulate reality with their superior intellect and some other mind-bending science that I won't fully go into. They created Agartha: a safe haven where pretty much anything goes. But one thing led to another and many of the Keepers were corrupted, including a close friend of mine. This new group, known as the Apothicons, was banished to the Dark Aether after a hard-fought war for the mantle of power, seemingly for the rest of time. But, you can never keep a bad Keeper down.

Little did we know, the Apothicons planted the seeds for humanity to royally fuck everything up. Element 115 is the source of the Keepers' immense powers, and the Apothicons sprinkled enough of the stuff on Earth to catch the attention of a little, bald-headed scientist by the name of Maxis.

Humanity was fighting a war, as it does often. Maxis and his Group 935 wanted to use 115 for personal gain. With the help of a certain Doctor Edward Richtofen, Group 935 managed to create a working teleporter! A fucking teleporter! Bravo... except for the mucking up of space and time this whole ordeal started.

Think of it like a mirror. You look in and it's you! What a handsome devil. Now smash the glass with a hammer and you've sullied what was once a perfect image, splitting it into a load of smaller, distorted fragments.

Richtofen, along with a drunk Soviet, an honorable Japanese Samurai, and a battle-hardened American marine managed to take the shitshow a step further by attempting to take control of the Aether! What a cock!

Richtofen and Maxis slung shit around for a while, most of it landing on the innocents down on Earth. How that all ended, I hardly care. I've been trying to put together the pieces and fix what humanity has broken. There's an assortment of dimensions, many just like the one Eddie and his pals inhabited. With all these rifts everywhere, it's like they're all caving in on each other, mixing and blending: creating paradoxes and time loops. It's a real mess to look at. I'll have to draw out a map when I have the free time.

Anyway, of all the dimensions, few have had a significant impact on the others, and even fewer on Agartha. But a certain, Dimension 63, as it's known, has managed to defy all expectations and be the biggest pain in the arse to maintain yet. It's quite the historied dimension, you see. I'm more of an omnipotent God than a storyteller, but I wrote out a little introduction to give some background on the happenings in this dimension.

Forgive the dramatic tone, it's a work in progress. Anyway, ahem, “It began long ago, on the battlefields of the Great War. Two German scientists sought to harness dark and mysterious forces buried for centuries. They believed their discoveries would assure Germany's ultimate victory. But they could never have imagined just what else their research would unearth. As an ancient evil ravaged the front lines, the hopes of the Allies rested on three soldiers set to stop it.”

What do you think? Too wordy? That's what I thought, but hey, it gets the job done. But there's much more of that story to be told. This is just the beginning.

Oh, yes, and before I forget, I should introduce myself. I am Doctor Monty. Not a PHD, per say, I just like the moniker. I do a lot of, should I say, 'behind the scenes' work. I try not to get involved, but sometimes, my hand is forced.

Chapter 2 (Coming Soon)
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