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  • When Group 935 began to meddle with Element 115, they inadvertently caused ripples across the multiverse. One Dimension 63 was home to alternate versions of Group 935, Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai, and Ludvig Maxis, now present during the first World War. Lost without her father, Samantha calls to the Ludvig of this dimension, enlisting his help as well as Richtofen and the three soldiers sent to capture him, in order to free her from the Aether. Together, Richtofen and his unconventional allies would become Primis. Richtofen would come to learn of his true importance to the state of the multiverse. Driven to put an end to the chaos ensnaring it, and to redeem the actions of his other selves, Richtofen comes together with the rest of Primis to collect their eternal souls and put an end to the reign of the Apothicons, an ancient evil responsible for Richtofen's corruption and the spread of Element 115 throughout the dimensions.

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