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  • Following Richtofen's entering of the Aether, the world in 2025 is plunged into chaos from the fallout of the missiles sent to Earth by Maxis. Broken Arrow, the organizational successor to Group 935 in the United States, is in part responsible for post-missile civilization's falling apart. Former agent of Broken Arrow, known only now as “Russman,” wanders the Earth, his memories inconsistent from 115 exposure. Along his travels he meets Samuel Stuhlinger, a disgraced reporter with former connections to a flesh-devouring cult. Wary of zombies and other survivors, they travel in search of solace in Hell on Earth. Marlton Johnson, an engineer and conspiracy theorist, who has only survived through his intelligence and knack for technology, meets Abigail “Misty” Briarton, a farm girl who lost her family and searches for a better future. As the four would come together at a zombie-infested bus station, they would be known as Victis. The world has been plunged into a war between those on the side of Ludvig Maxis, his voice now a part of technology across the globe, those listening to Edward Richtofen's voice inside their head, and hordes of the undead. Caught in this conflict, Victis must choose a side and find purpose as the world literally crumbles beneath them.

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