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Chapter 12: Hemlock Philosophy Chapter 14: Kino der Toten

Chapter 13: "Detour"

After October 1945

Der Riese - Teleporter C

“Where is Nikolai? The MDT is almost ready, and we need to leave as soon as possible.”

“The Russian mentioned playing the little girl's game. He is pursuing some kind of reward from her.”

“And you didn't think to stop him, Takeo?”

“Apologies, Doctor Richtofen. I will not make the same mistake again.”

“That's fine Takeo. You and Dempsey must go fetch him now. We are ever so close to my, I mean our goal.”

As Richtofen fiddled with the circuitry of the prototype MTD, Dempsey approached him with thoughts of his own.

“Hey Richtofen, isn't it the MTD, not MDT? You seemed really anal about it before.”

“I did say MTD! Now quit fooling around und get going or you are getting left behind.”

“Right, you damn lunatic.”

Dempsey regrouped with Takeo, exiting the teleporter room to the exterior of the building. Something about the constant smell of ash and rotten flesh kept Dempsey on the alert.

“What was all that apologizing for, Tak? What's the deal with you and the Doctor?”

“We must find a way to escape once we arrive at Griffin Station. Getting closer to Richtofen may be our only hope of finding that path.”

“Good thinking, Takeo. I'm not so sure Nikolai would be on board with that plan. He's getting a little too close to Richtofen for my taste.”

“If we must leave him behind to save our own souls, then so be it.”

“Yeah I guess. I'm just ready to see this Griffin Station place Richtofen keeps talking about. We don't even know how close it is to our homes. For all we know it could be code for some German testing lab, and we're the fresh meat.”

The two began their search for Nikolai near the power generator outside the factory. Nearby were several dead zombies from battles of the past.

“These demons...I believe they were created here by the Germans. Much of the knowledge present in this facility comes from experiments on control of the mind. I have seen this kind of testing before from Division 9.”

“Isn't Division 9 just Japan's Group 935? What did you have to do with that whole ordeal?”

“I was sent on many missions to oversee Division 9 experiments on behalf of our honorable Emperor. Division 9 is not comparable to Group 935, at least so it seemed. Group 935 used the element Division 9 had discovered in Japan to create new technology for fueling Germany's military power. Division 9 had a far great vision for Japan. They pursued control over nature itself.”

“How do you remember all this? I'm still having trouble remembering what happened before we ended up in the swamp.”

“I have had recent revelations. Division 9 is the reason I found myself in German hands. Details of this capture, however, are not as clear. I may have done some regrettable things on my final mission.”

“That's all right, Takeo, we've all got skeletons in our closet. Just remember Richtofen is a way greater evil than either of us could be combined.”

“I hope the Emperor will have the same thoughts.”

Any further conversation came to a standstill as the echoing call from beyond arrived once again with one final message: “You win...GAME OVER!”

The booming of Samantha's final words forced Dempsey and Takeo to cover their ears as it continued to echo. Following the echo came the screaming and yipping of zombies, gunfire, and finally the frightened footsteps of Nikolai Belinski.

Barreling around the corner under the bridge came the extremely unfit Nikolai, running from an incredibly large horde of zombies.

“I have made big mistake, there was no reward!

“Dammit Nikolai, what did you do?!”

“No time to explain, we have to leave, soon!”

“Well go tell Richtofen, we'll hold them off as long as we can.”

Like a symphony, Takeo and Dempsey cut down a score of zombies pursuing Nikolai with a hail of gunfire. Soon more began to tear down the boards of a nearby window, and others dropped down from the factory. The two gunmen began to slowly walk backwards towards the laboratory, not diverting their attention from the pursuing horde.

Behind them, a ball of electricity formed, bringing one of Samantha's Hellhounds into reality, and it began its attack towards Takeo.

“Devil dog behind you, Tak, I got it!”

The hound leaped but burst into bits of flesh as the red blast of Dempsey's upgraded Ray Gun contacted its body.

“Dempsey, we must go, before we are left behind!”

“I'm right behind you.”

Unfazed at the slaughter, the degenerate corpses continued their crusade.

Inside the teleporter room, Nikolai and Richtofen defended the device as its continued to charge, Richtofen removing the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from his bag.

“We better be ready to go, Richtofen! We're both low on ammo over here!”

“Not my problem, Dempsey! Keep firing! The MDT must charge before we may leave!”

“You mean MTD?”

“Shut up and keep firing, dummkopf!”

Dempsey reloaded his last cell of Ray Gun ammunition, and made sure every last shot would count. Richtofen stood ready to fire his Wunderwaffe as a last line of defense, or activate the teleporter when it is ready, whichever came first. Nikolai felt something he had not felt since the war, fear of death. Takeo stood at the forefront, decimating anything not within the teleporter, but with munitions running dry, worry began to set in.

As Dempsey fired his last shot, annihilating two zombies at once, he tossed the empty weapon at another walking pus-bucket, sending it back down to the floor.

“What now Richtofen?! There's still more coming and I'm all out!”

Nikolai and Takeo's weapons clicked with emptiness soon after, Takeo drawing his katana, but it would not be enough to hold them all off.

Richtofen moved himself towards the front, brandishing his Wunderwaffe.

“Taste death, Schweinhunde!”

With a pull of the trigger, the weapon came to life and the barrel flashed with power, but the light became almost blinding as the entire room lit up. No longer in the interior of the MTD, the four men could not feel their own mortal bodies for what seemed like hours. Only a blinding light and utter silence were felt. Then without warning reality seemed to shift back into focus, several images flashing through their minds. The Moon, rockets, unrecognizable faces of scientists, strange alien weaponry, creatures not seen on Earth before, a man in a red scarf, and finally the light became a bright, swirling blue, and then they could suddenly feel their own bodies again, and they could see their own surroundings.

They were in a large, mostly wooden building, with a high ceiling and a chandelier hanging in the center. At both sides of the room were two large staircases leading to higher platform, and beneath that platform a hallway with two Nazi banners on either side. They were standing on an MTD receiving pad, connected by wire to a closed door in the hallway ahead. With their arrival, power to the pad seemed to come to close, hushing the quiet hum of the pad. All was silent, besides the slight breeze coming in from outside and pushing the chandelier's hanging glass.

Richtofen was the first to stand up, the others still recovering from the stress. He approached a podium with several papers. The building seemed abandoned, but the papers shed some light on its purpose. The papers held a list of many high-ranking Nazi officials being allowed in for a presentation, a presentation led by Dr. Maxis presenting his new invention: the first teleporter.

Angered at the reminder, Richtofen swatted the papers away, which flew off in several directions due to the wind being let in. The building seemed to be in disarray with years of absence. Against the railing of a staircase was a newspaper, seemingly recently blown in. Richtofen inspected and was amazed to find just where, or when they had ended up. The year was 1963. They had traveled into the future.

A confused Dempsey pulled himself back to his feet, searching the room with his eyes while gripping his stomach.

“Ugh...where are we?”

Nikolai was back on his feet as well, searching his bag for something.

“A better question is-”

Richtofen interrupted, “When are we?”

“No! Where the hell is my vodka?”

“Yes, of course! The DG-2 must have overloaded the teleporter ripping space-time, back tracing us to the future! How wunderbar!”

On the teleporter pad, Takeo was still on his knees and began to vomit. A bottle of Nikolai's vodka fell to the ground from Takeo's hands.

“There is my vodka! Thank you, Takeo.”

Dempsey stretched out his hand, offering help to Takeo.

“Oh come on, Tak, suck it up and walk it off.”

Takeo gripped Dempsey's hand, pulling himself back up. He had had enough teleporting for one day.

“If we are in the future, Richtofen...just how far have we gone?”

“Roughly twenty years into the future. We must get the power to this theater back, and leave as soon as possible! Who knows what may have happened to the world in this era. If Group 935 is associated with this theater, we may be seeing some of their creations.”

On the wall behind them were several boarded up doorways leading outside. Scrawled on the wall above them in white chalk, a message read: “BEWARE of the 6!”


Chapter 12: Hemlock Philosophy Chapter 14: Kino der Toten
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