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Book 1 - Chapter 25: Doomed Chapter 2: Mystery

Chapter 1: "Breakout"

After October 1945

The Rising Sun Facility

Group 935's Japanese counter-part, Division 9, had suffered similar loss in support following the end of the war. Many of their facilities such as the Island and Swamp facility had been mostly abandoned. Many members of the organization suffered persecution for their crimes against humanity, while some went into hiding.

“Dr. Okitsu, thank you for being such a dear and keeping my subjects while I was, err, on call.”

“Edward, we risked everything keeping them here. Do you know how many times we were questioned about your violent American screaming in the shipping container? Do you know how many nationals we had to kill to get them here without causing attention? The Americans have full governmental control now. No one is supposed to still be here at the Rising Sun facility.”

“You worry too much. I have very important reasons for keeping them here, away from the prying eyes of Group 935. Now please, may I see them?”

“If you must, Richtofen. This way.”

The two doctors strode a wooden path cutting through the murky swamp water of the Rising Sun facility. Much like Der Riese, silence was a mainstay of this swamp. Many doctors once toiled away here, now all dead or living in fear of the Americans.

“What do you have to worry about, Dr. Okitsu? From what you've told me you weren't a full member of Division 9. Only working part-time with them?”

“You are correct, Dr. Richtofen. However, I participated in projects with Division 9 that would incriminate me should they discover my involvement. Dr. Yuasa and I experimented with a few American pilots. The tests are not something the Americans took too lightly, I will say that. Dr. Yuasa has been open about the tests, but I'm not taking the chances.”

“We've all got a few skeletons in our closet, Dr. Yuasa. Well, more than a few in some cases, literally and figuratively.”

“Humorous as always, Dr. Richtofen. I hope you have some way of restraining your more violent subject. My men are not paid enough to deal with the likes of him any further.”

“Your men? I thought we agreed only you and I would meet here!”

“You did not expect just me to be able to transfer three living subjects to our cells alone did you? Besides, only one of my men is with us today, for security purposes.”

Dr. Okitsu's assistant stood guard at the holding cells, Type 100 sub-machine gun in his trained arms.

“Open the door for Dr. Richtofen and lead him to his subjects.”

“Yes, sir.”

The brute began to force open the rusty door for Dr. Richtofen. Dr. Okitsu noticed the sound of splashing water out of earshot.

“Do you hear that? Is someone outside?”

The splashing grew louder and became more frequent.

Dr. Okitsu left the two to investigate the matter.

“Keep getting that door open! I will see what it is. Probably wild animals stuck in the mud.”

The man finally got the door open wide enough to fit into, but both of their attentions were caught by the loud screams. First, one of anger, a second, of pain. Dr. Okitsu's mercenary tip-toed forward, rifle at the ready. In walked a stumbling corpse of a Japanese soldier, a familiar flesh dribbling out of its mouth. Dr. Richtofen creeped backwards into the cell block and the man opened fire on the orange-eyed corpse. It dropped lifeless to the floor, and many others soon following the sound of gunfire into the facility. The zombies were slow, but as one caught sight of Dr. Richtofen behind the soldier, it began to sprint and the others soon joined.

“Come, doctor, help me get this door closed!”

Zombies piled up by the door, actually helping close it as the two pulled it shut.

“What the hell were those things, doctor? Do you think Dr. Okitsu-”

“Yes, he's dead. He's probably one of them now. Those beasts will stop at nothing to feast on our juicy organs. We must be prepared for anything. Listen, I do not have a weapon on me. You have that pistol holstered, may I have it for protection?”

He handed Dr. Richtofen the Nambu from its holster.

“Of course, doctor. We will have to stick together and get your test subjects out-”

Richtofen put three shots into his chest, sending him onto the ground bleeding. He kicked his weapon aside and took aim to his head.

“It's nothing personal. I told Dr. Okitsu not to bring anyone along! You understand, surely.”

He finished him off and searched his belongings for a set of keys. They will allow Dr. Richtofen to meet some old friends.


On the first cell Richtofen floundered with the keys to find the right one. Behind door number one...nothing. No one here.

“Did they forget one? Unreliable-”

Tank Dempsey came in with a solid punch to Edward's face.

“Gotcha you damn Nazi! Hoorah!”

He made a break for the hard metal door and tried to force it open while Richtofen was still recovering.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you, American!”

“Oh yeah, why is that?”

“There's...uhh...Nazis on the other side of that door! And Japanese soldiers!”

“Yeah, well there's a Nazi and a Jap on THIS side of the door, and a Ruskie with a hangover. What difference does it make?”

“Look, Dempsey, first of all, the war is over out there. The Nazis are all hanging or hiding out.”


“And secondly, I am not a Nazi. I am a doctor.”

“Last I checked you and the Nazis were buddy buddy? You've got swastikas on your uniform for God's sake! Once a Nazi, always a Nazi!”
“So dramatic, Dempsey. This uniform was all I had lying around. I need you to calm down and cooperate with me. We have to get the others, and get going with my plan!”

“Your plan? My plan is to kill every goddamn Nazi I see, and get the hell back to the US of A!”

“What if I told you with my help you can kill more 'goddamn Nazis' than likely anyone else on the entire planet?”

“I'd say you're a liar. Now shut up so I can get this GODDAMN DOOR OPEN! AGHHH!”

“Long story short, Dempsey, there is an undead army on the other side of that door. You will die painfully in vain if you go out there. They will infect you and you become one of them! See that dead man right there? I had to shoot him because he was going to turn.”

“Zombies...so you're saying I get to kill all the Nazis...again?!”

“I...I suppose? If you give me some time to wake up our two companions, we can blast our way out of here, you can go on any maniacal killing spree your heart desires, and you can return to your homeland to frolic in the dead Nazis. You just have to help me in my teensy-weensy plan. There will be killing along the way, if you can handle that.”

“Sounds like a deal, Doc. Go wake em' up then.”

“You know I'd like an apology for that blow to my jaw!”

“I'm sorry you want an apology.”

Senseless brute. He would prove useful, however. What has caused the sudden rising of the dead in this area, especially the dead with such aggressive demeanor? Something's gone horribly wrong at Griffin Station. That damned little girl must have something to do with it. And no telling what happened to Dr. Maxis.

Richtofen slowly inched the door open, to avoid any flying blows to the face, and a revolting stench of vomit wafted Richtofen's senses. Nikolai was face down on the wooden floor.

“Ohhh poor Nikolai! Did they not give you the vodka I requested?”


“You are a real needy character, Nikolai. Look, here, I brought a bottle for you, just in case. Now you drink it, and get out there with Dempsey, and wait for me to get Takeo and we will be on our way to find more vodka!”

“That asshole Takeo talked bad about Mother Russia! I'm kicking his ass when I...get...”

Sleeping again. Richtofen tried snapping his fingers and slapping him to wake him up. Nothing. All so dramatic and nationalistic. Borders should soon dissolved in their journey ahead.

He dragged Nikolai's body outside the cell and to Dempsey's feet, and handed him the vodka bottle.

“Force-feed him this and he will be up in a minute or two.”

“I'm not a nanny, Doc!”

“Quit whining or you'll be in charge of feeding Nikolai for the whole trip.”

Last on the order, Takeo. Richtofen entered his cell to find him facing the wall, sitting in a meditative state.

“You have returned, Doctor. I assume your plans have gone through?”

“Not precisely as intended, Takeo. The good news is, you are getting out of here, along with our estranged friends outside. But the bad news is I may have awakened a horrific army of the undead. I know it sounds bad, but the fun news is we get to violently dismember them! I know you're quite keen on that! Now, I have some business I need to finish regarding past plans, and will need you, Dempsey, and Nikolai to assist me. Once we are finished with our mission, you can return home, and you will be honorable once again!”

“Very well, doctor. You have kept your word. I will fight for you until we see the mission through.”

“Finally! A sane individual on the team, besides myself of course, heh heh. Come now, we need to find a way out of this swampy hell.”

Step one. Secure the keys.”

“Shh! Not the time!”


“Alright, Doc, what's the plan? Nikolai looks like he's only going to last another half hour before he passes out again.”

“That door will require all of our strength to open, however, what's on the other side will pile in here and gore us. We will have to get the door open and go in guns blazing all at once. Dempsey, you've got the death-dealing experience, you take this sub-machine gun, and I will take this pistol. Nikolai and Takeo will get the door open.”

Dempsey gripped the Type-100's magazine and took aim to the door.

“Hell yeah! It's been a while since I've held anything this badass! In fact, I can't really remember holding anything badass really...weird.”

Takeo took note of how Dempsey held the weapon.

“Foolish American, you are holding the weapon incorrectly!”

“Excuse me? Who made you the weapon expert?”

“You wield it like a toy, not with grace nor honor.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Tak, you're the master of grace. So much grace vomiting all over the shipping container on the way here.”

With a swift motion, Takeo took the gun from Dempsey and had it pointed directly back at him.

“Watch your tongue, Dempsey.”

“Alright, that was badass.”

Richtofen cut in between them.

“Enough chatting! Dempsey, just get on the door.”

“Fine. But I'm grabbing the first gun I see, no trades.”

“Push now, you two! Schnell!”

Dempsey and Nikolai put all their brawn into pushing the door open, but it seemed to be weighed down by the undead outside.

“Something's pushing back, Richtofen! This ain't gonna work by just pushing!”

“Well, do you have any other ideas?”

Nikolai took a hardy swig of his vodka.

“Let's blow this door the fuck open!”

“And where do we find some fuckin' TNT around some jail cells, genius?”

“With this dynamite I found on that dead Japanese guy!”

“What the hell?! He had dynamite? Hell yeah! Matches too?”

Nikolai crossed his eyes for a moment as if he was in deep thought.

“Ehhh, not so much.”

“Well, don't worry, I've got some right here! I wanna be the one to set this shit off!”

Richtofen questioned the origin of said matches.

“How did you get matches in your cell?!”

“You don't gnaw your way out of a bamboo cage carrying only a medal and a bobby pin without being a little crafty. Now everyone get back, and get ready for the boom!”

Richtofen and Takeo drew their weapons ready for the onslaught to ensue.

“Fire in the hole!”

The fuse ended and the door was flung into a horde of undead soldiers. Those not disfigured by the blast charged at the crew. Takeo gunned down five runners, with Richtofen picking off several at their flank. One made a leap at Takeo but suffered a blow to the head by a raging Tank Dempsey. He continued to bash its head in with his bare hands, and took the Arisaka from its back. He was rather displeased by the lack of firepower in this bolt-action rifle.

“Hey Tak, remember I said no trades?”

“Take my weapon and cover my path. I am going to retrieve my blade.”

“Go for it! I'll keep em busy! Eat lead freakbags!”

Takeo wielded the Arisaka like a blade, swinging the dagger-tipped rifle to knock the head off of a zombie, then charging another, piercing its throat with the dagger, before finishing it off with a pull of the trigger. In the next room held a crate with many belongings confiscated from them upon arrival, including Takeo's katana still clean in its sheath. It bore the namesake of the Masaki family. These evil creatures deserve a dishonorable end at the hands of Takeo Masaki. A limping zed met a swift fate to Takeo's blade.

“Fall like the others, demon-spawn!”

Meanwhile, Nikolai had recovered two pistols off fallen zombies and let loose his fury on the horde.

“Is more fun than late night in Stalingrad! Ha ha! Taste death, hellpigs!”

Richtofen stood at Nikolai's back blasting skulls, and when a zombie got too intimate, Richtofen introduced it to his knife. This one had a gift for the doctor.

Richtofen lifted the grenade from the zombie's belt and tossed it into the large crowd down the hallway, cackling as it sent flesh and blood flying. A zombie missing its legs pulled itself towards Richtofen's feet.

"Get off my leg, minion! Face your maker!"

Click. Bang. The four bloodthirsty men finished off what was left of the horde before catching their breath.

Dempsey finally let loose of his gun, and turned to grab Richtofen by the collar and pull him up in the air. Richtofen let out a cry of shock before Dempsey made his intentions clear.

“Doc. That. Was. Badass! We've got to find more of those freaks!”

“Well maybe you should start by letting go of me. I'm sure there will be more where we are going. We must return to the main building of this facility! I must collect what I need and-”

“But will there be vodka? Vodka is fuel for the Red Menace!”

“I brought you a whole damned bag full of vodka, Nikolai. We can't have you being sober, now can we? Now, enough meandering, let's go mein friends!”

Richtofen and his new allies took to the swampy bridge towards the central hub of the Rising Sun facility, guns ready for a new onslaught. Takeo began to reflect on the events which had transpired.

The lug-head American showed such ferocity, such brutality in the killing of the foul beasts. Takeo was disgusted by his blood-lust, yet in the heat of the moment, Takeo felt the excitement rush through his veins with every swipe of his blood-stained katana. Takeo is the last of the Samurai in his family and all of Japan. By the time of his training, the Samurai spirit was already waning. He had little chance to display his ferocity in battle, and the opportunity created great pleasure for Takeo. But he did not understand the nature of these creatures. What had caused these spirits to form and wreak havoc on the living? Richtofen had made mention of being the 'maker' during the chaos. Takeo feared Richtofen had a deep, dark secret with which he kept close. Only time will tell what the doctor has in store, besides alcohol for the lowly drunk. Speaking of the drunk, Takeo despised him, not for mere political mistrust, but a complete lack of focus and respect for the world which he is a part of. Nikolai seemed to share a similar level of displeasure in his company. But trust would be Takeo's only ally, and he must learn to make do with the Russian if he is to keep the trust of The Doctor.


Book 1 - Chapter 25: Doomed Chapter 2: Mystery

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