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  • Der Riese Occupation Status

    To: Major Nikita Dragovich, 3rd Shock Army


    From: Major Pavel Gorki, 3rd Shock Army


    Unit 46’s occupation of The Giant Facility has been met with numerous unexpected setbacks. The remaining German men on site were dealt with, but the Unit became overzealous and unruly upon discovering some of the scientists were fighting back. As a result, many perished before the ceasefire orders were given. Fortunately, Doctor Edward Richtofen was not among the dead, though he has so far eluded us. I understand that he is to be a prime candidate to lead our scientific endeavors along with Doctor Friedrich Steiner. I look forward to hearing of Unit 45’s progress. Perhaps the Unit sent to the Siberian Facility may locate an alternative candidate if Doctor Richtofen cannot be found.


    Der Riese is currently contained and negotiations with the Americans are ongoing. The Capitalists seem particularly interested in the surviving scientists being kept within the bunker, as if they are owed anything from the site; How typical. I will ensure that we receive what we are due, for the Motherland. 


    I have also sent a reconnaissance unit after a lone German army truck that escaped the facility before it was locked down, and reports show they have disappeared near the abandoned airfield the scientists refer to as “Nacht der Untoten.” I will provide further updates as they arrive.

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