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  1. now if you are a true fan of call of duty zombies then you have most definitely beaten the forsaken Easter egg, and seen the ending cut scene you see the helicopters arrive they pick up your operator and the device that was used to bring zykov back then it shows to a computer and a guy drinking his coffee in a mug that says best director of requiem and on the computer it says directive complete it all went according to plan basically but then it started playing musing and weaver carver grey Strauss your operator and raptor one were getting arrested and then the requiem director walks out of the door and it shows that he is Dr Edward Richthofen. but that's not is then peck shows up in either japan or china renting a boat needing to go to the middle of nowhere to "see some old friends" as he put it then it ends. and here come the theory's so we all know that the new Richthofen is the one who orchestrated everything and got everyone arrested so hes obviously another bad Richthofen but peck at the end surprised me so I think that's where they're hiding the machine that was used to bring zykov back but maxis at the end she sacrificed herself to kill the forsaken or at least send him back but I think peck wants to re-purpose the machine to bring maxis back but in doing so he causes the outbreak zones to open up again the portals open up again everything happens but they'd have to change something but im still working on that.
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