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  1. Hi, I managed to solve it, thanks for your help. I bought playstation plus and once I ran the game it applied online patches and then I played once in multiplayer and I managed to talk to Dr Peck. I then went back to solo and I was able to talk to Dr Peck also.
  2. So I uninstalled and it said it partially uninstalled and wouldn't uninstall anymore, so I reinstalled and played again to round 8. Same issue, Dr Peck's shutters won't go up, but there was a slight visual glitch for a second where I could see him on the left of the shutters next to the speakers to talk to him. I have no idea if I'm missing a step or not, I did this: Round 1: Spoke to Ravenov Round 2: Teleported Round 3 - 7: Turned on the power, went back to Ravenov in the village, pack a punched my gun, spoke to Ravenov until he told me to stop talking as I have a mission to do, now I can't talk to him anymore. Round 8: Dr Peck tells me to come to him in Mission Control, as I enter mission control, he says bout time we talked, tick tock tick tock. His shutters are still down and I can't actually talk to him.
  3. Ye I did that bout 5 times now, I think it's a bug, I'm going to uninstall my zombies and reinstall it to see if that fixes it, thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks for the response. Is the village where Ravenov is? Because I went there straight after I turned the power on and I spoke to Ravenov for a second time after turning on the power. Then I ended the round and went back into the teleporter and while I was going through Dr Peck told me to visit him. But when I went to him his shutters were still closed.
  5. Hi Guys, In round 1 I spoke to Ravenov, then teleported and turned on all three reactors so the power is on and Ravenov said come back to the pack-a-punch machine, I then spoke to Ravenov and then ended my turn and Dr Peck said to come and talk to him, I'm on round 8 atm. When I go to Dr Peck though his shutters are still down and I can't talk to him, and when I got to mission control he did say I'm in the corner over here. Am I missing a step? Or do I need playstation plus? Or anything else before starting the easter egg mission properly. I got this game brand new and don't currently have playstation plus, but I've installed all the update for zombies and campaign and multiplayer, not sure if I'm missing anything. On a previous play through, I got to round 30 and got the R.A.I K-84 wonder weapon, but still he didn't open his shutters, I'm not sure if this is a bug? I've also tried playing on a friends PS5 and the same issue occurs, where the shutters just don't open, I'm currently using a PS4.. Please help if you can, I appreciate any suggestions, thanks. Just adding the steps I did below just in case I've missed anything: Round 1: I spoke to Ravenov Round 2: I used the teleporter to get to the next map Round 3 - 7: I turned on all three reactors and the power was turned on Round 7 still: I kept one zombie alive and used the teleporter to go back to Ravenov and then spoke to him, I then killed the last zombie and went back into the teleporter Round 8: Dr Peck told me to come talk to him, when I arrived to Dr Peck, his shutters were still closed but he said he's in the corner and we should talk. UPDATE - Just in case anyone else runs into this I did manage to fix it Turns out you do need Playstation Plus at least once to play the map in multiplayer for some reason, because once I bought it and played online, Dr Peck's shutter finally went up in both Solo and multiplayer games. This is probably a bug that Treyarch needs to fix, I think, as it shouldn't require anyone to buy online just to play an easter egg through offline mode.
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